Lead Generation Techniques - Seems Legit!?

May 16, 2013 / by Vicky Zancanella

seems legitThere are lists and lists of lead generation techniques that are sound ideas, some may even be novel and fun, but then there are those that are somewhat questionable and probably are better off pictured in a meme labeled “Seems Legit.” If you are in search of those techniques, you can read our blog post “Top 7 Worst Lead Generation Techniques.”

If you are more interested in using internet marketing lead generation techniques that are effective and work long term, I encourage you to stay rooted in the basic elements and build on a strong lead generation foundation.

Is it bad to go after the next new thing? Of course not; there are some amazingly creative ideas that will generate leads, and using novelty to get people’s attention is proven to work, but unless you have a firm foundation to back it up, those leads may slip right through your hand. Remember your ultimate goal is to generate paying customers, so don’t get too side-tracked by the # of leads, # of website visits, # of click-throughs or # of likes. Focus on the outcome!

What you want to focus your lead generation techniques on is how many of those are actual, “interested in buying what you are selling” leads. And of course, your sales team appreciates the “have money to actually buy” leads.

If you had to hire someone to make cold calls or stand on the street corner 24 hours a day, you might get a few interested leads and they might actually become customers. But the expense could start to deplete your marketing budget and how many truly warm, interested leads do you really get and what is the ROl?

One of your biggest internet marketing assets to build lead generation is your website. Think about it, your website is available 24/7 to help generate leads and capture their attention. But it is only as affective as you make it. When you optimize your website to capture leads, without having it “manned” 24/7, you have a built in employee working for your lead generation/sales team around the clock- for free! That’s really cool.

What makes it even better is that when you have a few foundational lead generation elements in place you can be generating leads your sales team will kiss you for.

What foundational elements are you talking about you might ask? Well, let me tell you…

1. Offer something of value

What is it that you offer? What do you sell? What are your services? Instead of just “hooking” a lead with a shiny object or a visually stimulating video with no substance, give them something that helps them, solves a problem or is of value to them. Show leads that you are valuable and that the products or services you provide will have depth and meaning - and then, deliver them!

2. Put that offer in front of the right people

So you have an amazing offer. You product is 5 star rated or your service is top notch. But if I am a rock collector in the middle of New Mexico, the boat you want to sell me is not very valuable, because it isn’t relevant to my needs. You need to get your offer in front of the right audience.  That is the beauty of internet marketing! You CAN get your offer in front of the right audience by using SEO techniques paired with lead generation techniques online.  For great tips in this area, read our blog titled 9 Lead Generation Techniques for Internet Marketing.”

    3. Direct them to take an action

    So you have a valuable offer and you found a targeted audience with a need you can meet.  They are gathering around asking questions, peaking through your store window, inviting their friends to come see. You have one problem- no one is coming in the door. They are just looking and not doing anything.  Here’s where the light bulb comes on. You need to direct them! Ask them to come in, click here, download this, call now. This is where a Call to Action can make all the difference. It is amazing how a little direction can go a long way to generating leads.

    4. Follow up in a personal, but direct way

    After you have generated a lead, the real process begins. Follow up with them in an email, a phone call, a new offer. Let them know that you appreciate their interest, not in a “spammy” annoying way, but in a genuine how are you doing way. It is appreciated! With relationship building lead generation techniques, you will learn more about your lead and their needs.  You will be able to hand over warm leads to your sales team and you will be hailed as lead gen king (or queen)!

      When you have these 4 foundational elements in place as part of your internet marketing strategy, you can test different lead generation techniques to see what works for your industry, your audience and for your company.  You can dangle something shiny out above the water, because you know you have the foundations and your lead generation techniques are legit! 


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