4 Fastest Ways to Lose Credibility and NOT Get More Customers!

February 24, 2015 / by Vicky Zancanella

broken_trust_business_hand_shake_ripped_in_halfLosing credibility of your business, your brand, and even in your name can happen over a long period of time, but with these four ways, your brand will lose credibility fast!

Here’s how:

1. Don’t do what you say you are going to do. Promise the moon but don’t even get your customer out of the stratosphere.
Really? Integrity is one of the four core factors of credibility. And credibility is a cornerstone of trust. If you are looking to get more customers and build trust in your brand then keeping your credibility is key. If you are looking to lose customers, then when you lose your credibility, trust is going out the window soon as well. 
2. Make sure you have a hidden agenda. It usually needs to be dark and greedy, misguided and malicious. That works every time.
Nothing beats down your credibility with potential customers faster than when they learn of your ill-fated intentions. Generally they will lean towards brands that are authentic and transparent and honest. Businesses who are helpful and have the best intentions for their current customers, tend to get more customers. They strive for a “win-win.” If you are out to make a quick buck with sneaky intentions, you have a great chance of losing credibility.
3. Attempt projects that you have no skill for. Take on way more than you can handle or have the resources to complete.
Who needs to be competent anyway? Well, it turns out that businesses who want to gain and keep their customers need to actually have the capability and skill in their industry. Many people understand there is a learning curve when it comes to new projects or products but with limited capabilities to succeed on the project or deliverable, your business is almost guaranteeing a loss of credibility with your customer or client. Continue to take on projects that require more than your skill can rise up to, and trust starts to erode pretty quickly.
4. Don’t deliver. And build a track record of this. The less results the better.
Although some business can get away with not delivering results time after time and still keep their customers, most people are smarter than this and will catch on before their wallet is empty. These people will move on to your competitors who do deliver what they promise and they will get the results they are paying for. If you are actually looking to get more customers and to keep those you already have, delivering results is key to customer retention.

Credibility can seem like it’s a fuzzy term, as you can see there are a number concrete ways to lose credibility in your business. On top of all of these, if your brand messaging and advertising is opposite of what you are living out with your Integrity, Intentions, Capabilities and Results, then you have just created a double whammy! Building credibility is pretty powerful stuff!

Warning: Some of the advice in this blog is NOT recommended since it is meant in tongue and cheek. But we DO advise you to focus on building the credibility of your business to get more customers and build trust in your brand. For advice on how to do this well read this blog article on the four core pieces a successful small business needs to build credibility.

If you are interested in partnering with a marketing and advertising agency who understands how credibility and trust fit into your business plan, contact us at Half a Bubble Out today!

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