3 Easy Ways to Get Website Traffic and Keep It

February 13, 2016 / by Maliah Seavey

plan_to_get_website_trafficSo, you spend countless hours building your company’s website. You map out every detail, and every square inch of your website is functioning beautifully. Now, we know you didn’t put all of that work in for nothing. So how do you get new leads to come (and stay) on your website? 

Here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to get website traffic.


How to Get Visitors to Your Website

1.  Write Killer Content

Ah… probably one of the most popular phrases in the world of content marketing, but let’s be real, it works.


People should crave and look forward to reading your content. Here are just a few ways this can be done:

  • Write educational content: Aim to educate. Not necessarily about your specific product or service, but about your industry. Sales begin with consumers realizing they are in need of a product or service. Educate them about your industry and then offer your product or service


  • Use Visual Content: Visual content is easier to digest than long, dense, wordy content. Try using an infographic or funny picture that's relevant to the content you are publishing.


  • Develop a Tone: Gone are the days of bland writing. Don’t be afraid to develop a tone when you create your content. Be sarcastic, be sassy, be spunky and clever. It keeps readers engaged.


  • Tell Stories: Admittedly, my childish love for stories has crept into my adult life.  But who doesn't love an exciting, enticing story? Use storytelling to introduce an analogy or spice up your content.


These are just a few tips to writing fantastic content. Here is an infographic with more great tips.


2.  Promote Killer Content

Don’t let your content grow cobwebs. The grand content journey doesn’t end when you hit publish. Share your content on social media. In a few months, share it again, and in a few more months…you get the point. 

Share Industry Leading Content

I get it, the general goal is to drive traffic to your own website. However, you can strengthen your brand by sharing content from industry leaders. Google also loves it when you link to trustworthy pages, which brings us to our next tip.


3.  Make Nice with Google (SEO)

Other companies in your industry are probably already writing content, but what will make your content stand out in the eyes (or algorithm) of Google? Search Engine Optimization, also known as, SEO. 


Why is SEO significant to your traffic? Statistics show that search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites. 

If you're reading about SEO for the first time, here’s a great breakdown of how SEO works:



Here are a few ways you can implement SEO into your website:

  • Use Longtail Keywords: Longtail keywords are 3-4 words and much more specific in the eyes of a search engine. If you know your market and what your audience is looking for, they are much easier to rank for.


  • Space Out Your Keyword Use: Loading your page with the same keyword will do you no justice. In fact, Google can actually penalize you for overusing keywords, or keyword stuffing.

Here is a great model of how frequently you should use your keywords in a post.




Keeping Leads on Your Website

So, you have utilized some great practices such as writing great content, content promotion, and SEO optimization. However, getting traffic to your website home page is only half of the beast. How do you get people to stay and browse your website?


Make Sure Your Content is Responsive

Every day, more and more consumers are visiting websites on tablets and mobile devices. In fact, 60% of internet access is mobile. 


Having responsive content allows consumers to easily view the content without the layout being morphed or changed. This creates a more user friendly experience.  


Keep Them Coming Back with Email Marketing (Yes it still works)

According to HubSpot, 66% of consumers have made purchases online as a result of email marketing messages. The number speak for itself: email marking is still a very valuable tool. However, it’s all about how (and when) you use it


Email is also a great way to ensure your customers stay delighted after a sale. Reach out to them to ensure everything is going well. This is a great way to build relationship with your customers.


Don’t forget to analyze!

Analyzing and measuring your website traffic and its content is key in order for you to adjust your strategy. Try using Google Analytics or HubSpot. Both are excellent tools.


There are a multitude of ways to get website traffic. Try some of these tips and tricks with your website and see what happens to your traffic analytics and sales. 

If you’d like our help to build a holistic online strategy to get more website traffic, contact us at Half a Bubble Out.


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