Zappos Knows How to Motivate Employees

August 6, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

Happy_EmployeesDo you know how to motivate employees? Have you heard the saying that happy employees are productive employees? Well, CEO Tony Hsieh of Zappos knows how to keep his employees motivated. Hsieh focuses on making sure that his employees are happy. Here are a few things that Zappos does to motivate its customers by keeping them happy.

Feeling Nurtured

Zappos prides itself in providing different services to better the quality of life of Zappos employees. First off, Zappos requires weeks of training when they are initially hired. Then employees are required to attend specific classes to constantly be growing. They also have reading expectations to learn more about subjects that Hsieh believes are important for all of his employees to know. Employees also have access to an on-site life coach that they can use for personal or career goals.             

Instill Trust

It is not uncommon for employees to have had vodka shots with Hsieh while they were interviewing to join the company. From the get-go, Hsieh wants to make it clear what the Zappos company culture is, and if oncoming employees can’t fit in the culture, then the people change - not the culture. Zappos has a relaxed dress code and customer service representatives don’t need to read from scripts. Zappos knows how to motivate employees by instilling trust in them, knowing that they will be the best because they want to, not because they need to.

Create Incentive Plans

Wow does Zappos have great inceptive plans! It has an employee Grant-a-Wish program, Coworker Bonus program, Zollars (internal currency that employees can use to buys Zappos swag) and more. This company wants the focus to be on employee happiness and not income. Of course it pay its employees but the other perks are what really makes the day-to-day feel less like something that they have to do but something they want to do.

These 3 tips are great ways help motivate your employees. The implantation can be small, or can be large like Zappos’ methods, but the underlying similiarity is understanding what you want your company’s culture to be and to take it from there. Create happiness in the workplace and you will find success!


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