The First 90 Days: Confessions of a New Employee

August 11, 2017 / by Serene Skiffington

Serene and MaverickWhen you walk through the doors at the Bubble, three things become very clear...


1. Environment

The first is that you have entered the workplace of visionaries, who decorate with drum sets and antique candy dispensers, (which I might add, are surprisingly comforting to the nervous interview candidate). The creatively charged environment speaks seamlessly to the culture of a Passion and Provision® company. One that aims to engage anybody who walks through the door to dream big, pay attention to detail, and to think outside the bubble. Here, there is the inevitable promise that work can be fun, stories can be told, and businesses can grow.

2. Harmony 

The second thing is very simple, yet often found missing from most workplaces: Harmony.

At the Bubble, the team is made up of people who love and support each other in all areas of life. There is a trust that comes from a staff who is just as likely to help you problem solve your way out of tricky software, as they are to lend a kind ear and an open heart to matters outside the office. 

Somehow between the projects, deadlines, trainings, and meetings, the staff at the Bubble have created a compassionate family bond. This is quite clearly derived from the energy and dedication Michael and Kathryn Redman have poured into their company from the very beginning. With a rare and genuine approach to developing workplace culture that both empowers and inspires their employees, Michael and Kathryn have dialed in to a fundamental business principle:

Happy & Engaged Employees = Increased Bottom Line & Employment Longevity

Employees who enter a work environment where they are listened to, respected, challenged, and supported, are inevitably the same employees who work harder to complete projects, go the extra mile for a client, and stick around to watch things grow. There is no surprise that Half a Bubble Out celebrates employee longevity. There is no wonder how or why the team shares a cohesive driving passion to help clients prosper. At the Bubble, every voice matters, and every quirk is treasured. This makes coming to the Bubble as a brand-new employee, fulfilling, fascinating, and fun.

You learn very quickly that intelligent questions are key, that Backup the office dog is queen of the castle, and that spontaneous creative tangents during meetings are to be expected.

3. Passion and Provision®

The third and most important thing is something I picked up during my first thrilling 90 days of employment at the Bubble. Over the course of 90 days, a total of 2,160 hours or 129,600 minutes of soaking up every word of wisdom, scribbling notes as fast as the staff can speak, and engaging with clients new and old…I have learned how this company offers the nervous excited new employee and the enthusiastic entrepreneur the same exact thing:

The chance to pursue a career, a dream, a vision for the future that is built on both Passion and Provision®, in essence, the opportunity and ability to earn a living doing what you love.

As a millennial with peers who jump from business to business searching for a way to fulfill this innate desire, it is humbling and eye opening to be a part of the magic at HaBO.

It is so painfully clear that finding a good job is top of mind for everybody I know, for the people in our community and around the world, regardless of generation or status. The alarming aspect is that over 30,000,000 adults in America alone want a full-time job and can’t find one. What’s more, 72% of the people in the USA who do have full time work, report that they are disengaged from their jobs, leading to unhappy work places and suffering bottom lines.

Projecting that the Business Failure Rate is largely responsible for the lack of good jobs available, HaBO provides a fresh and inspiring approach to growing a healthy company. This means investing in both external and internal business practices holistically, a process that encompasses everything from workplace culture to efficient marketing strategy.

From my short time with HaBO, I have learned that growing a healthy and happy business is what we are good at. This is evident on the inspired smiling faces of clients both when they walk in the door, and even more so when they leave. They are excited to come in for meetings, to be met by our wise and fearless leaders, and to be guided on the path to fulfillment and success.

Following a dream that deeply integrates Passion and Provision® both within our own company and for our clients, Michael and Kathryn have designed a process that takes all of the pieces of a successful business and integrates them into a holistic educational model. This model then functions to equip and help businesses, and the people in them, achieve their full potential.

129,600 minutes later...

It is safe to say that I am honored and humbled to work for a company that strives to make the world a better place, one creative bubble at a timeI am more motivated than ever to be a part of the Bubble’s exciting future. To work alongside staff that is quickly becoming family, to be a sponge for knowledge, and to witness happy clients grow their own Passion and Provision® companies.

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