The Best Landing Pages Don't Make These Mistakes

September 26, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

509208929Having landing pages on your website is vital to having a successful internet marketing strategy for your business. The best landing pages help to capture your leads and qualify them so that you can deliver the best lead nurturing possible. However, if certain mistakes are made on your landing pages it can do quite the opposite and will cost you leads and money. Read on to find out what those mistakes are so that you don't make them!

Having a navigation menu

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when creating landing pages for their website. There is no reason at all to have a navigation bar on your landing page. Why? Doing so gives your lead an option to go somewhere else. Do not, I repeat, do not give them this option!

You’re probably thinking “chill out, it’s not that bad, they’re only going to another part of your website.” Wrong. It’s still bad because you had them right where you wanted them, about to fill out a form, become a lead and enter the sales funnel and then bam, they’re distracted by the next bright and shiny thing that may not impress them as much as where they were before.

If they really want to browse around the website or landed in the wrong place on accident, they can hit the back button. Which, really shouldn’t happen anyway because it should be clear why they were taken to that landing page. But that’s a whole other blog.

Not optimizing your landing pages for search engines

The best landing pages are optimized. You optimize your website pages and blogs for search engines, so why would you stop at your landing pages? Keep the flow going and use your awesome SEO and keywording skills on your landing pages. While it not only helps being found in searches, it also helps for your lead to know they are on the page they are supposed to be on—since their brain will automatically and naturally recognize the keywords you are using.

“…People searching on Google are there to solve a problem. As you know, people will see organic results on the left side and the sponsored link results on the right. The organic results are where over 90% of us click, so that is where the action is and where I suggest focusing.
A well optimized landing page will stand tall and proud on the first page of Google and it will effortlessly drive action-orientated visitors to you. In my personal experience, people in this “active” frame of mind are 20-30X more likely to take action and convert.” (HubSpot

Not having a form

What’s the point of even having a landing page if there is no form for your leads to fill out? The best landing pages have a form becuase it's how you capture the information of your prospective leads so that you can:

  • Qualify them
  • Nurture them
  • Send them emails
  • Get their information [name, email, number, business, website, etc.]
  • Make it easier for your sales team 

Not having analytics to monitor the process

How will you know which landing pages are doing well if you aren’t analyzing and tracking the metrics on them? It’s important to monitor your conversion rate on each landing page so that you can change certain things.

Things that can be changed to produce different metrics:

  • Color
  • Layout
  • Content
  • Wording
  • Title
  • Design

Even the slightest change of wording can make one landing page more successful than the next. If one landing page isn’t working so well, change things up, but make sure you are testing the data between the both of them to keep a concrete analysis. Numbers don’t lie. 

Did you realize that you were making some of these mistakes? It’s ok! It’s not too late. Now that you are aware just make sure you make the changes. If you have questions or want help implementing the strategies that it takes to have the best landing pages and a successful small business, contact us

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