The Awesomeness of Best Practices in 5 minutes, No Kidding!

July 29, 2014 / by Michael K. Redman

runner crossing finish line best practiceSTOP! You have got to keep reading this post. It will be fast and painless and it could be the one thing that super charges your business this year. 

Best practices are usually the most boring thing in the world. I mean who would really choose to sit and study best practices let alone really understand them. But they are simple and important and in the next 5 minutes I will hopefully prove it.

No matter where you look there are best practices.  Think about the perfect beer or the perfect vacation spot or even the most perfect place to eat a delicious dinner.  They all have something in common, they are amazing and excellent.  They all hold to standards that impress you and make you happy and they make a profit doing it.

Think about it. That is all a best practice is. It is a way to create something that is amazing and at the same time profitable.

My wife Kathryn and I just went to Italy and it was crazy fun. The wine was great and the food, WOW. When we were on our cruise it ran like clock work. We got amazing service and the company was able to produce it day in and day out with no stress to the employees. On day 12 they were just as happy as on day one. 

Have you ever seen a cruise ship open a restaurant for just a few days on land just to give you a taste of the food at sea?  Check this out.



And yes, it was that good!

Now those are systems or best practices that work well and can keep working for a long time. And trust me this company charges a premium but the ship was full of really happy people.

Now what if you your small business was making or delivering something people loved? Maybe you already are.

Now what if you were able to do that one thing more smoothly and with less stress and you made more profit than ever before?

However you are doing that one thing would be a best practice! It’s that simple. If you make more money with less stress on a regular basis the way you are doing that would be a best practice.

Some people say best practices can actually be a bad thing, but does this seem like a bad thing?

Now ask yourself this one question. Would you like to have more business with more profit and less stress? Would you like to have more profit than you do now and have more free time to do whatever you wanted with it?

Then use our blogs to understand and learn more about best practices and how to find them. It’s worth the time! I promise.

If you want to dive deeper on best practices start here.  

Now go out and rock it. You can do this. Take five minutes and think of 3 areas in your company that are giving you a bit of a challenge. Just 3 areas that you would like to see either:

  1. More profit
  2. Less stress

Once you do this pick one of them to evaluate. Then comment on this blog and tell me what that one area is. This encourages us and makes it more actionable for you.

Then read this next blog. It will help you identify a best practice quickly.

You will know what to do to actually discover a true best practice and start making your small business even more awesome today. 

Now go for it.  Make your list and tell us what you want to make better.

If you want to know more cool ways to make your business more successful with less stress, then download our free eBook below. I think it will help! 


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