Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Utilize Twitter’s Free Analytics

January 23, 2015 / by Raquel Royers

twitter-birdIs your small business on Twitter? If so, maybe you noticed a couple months ago that Twitter rolled out analytics to all users, which in the past were only available to those who bought advertisements through them.

Analytics for your small business's Twitter page; sweet, right? Well, it seemed cool until you realized you haven’t even utilized them much. Is it because you’re not quite sure what the data means or how to use it to your business's advantage? 

No worries! We are here to help! Using the analytics section in Twitter will be helpful for your social media marketing for your small business and can help to understand your strategy better.

While using these Twitter analytics will help you know where you are at with your social media marketing on that platform, ideally we would suggest having something a little more robust, such as HubSpot’s social inbox. But, starting out looking at Twitter’s available analytics is a good start. Once you reach the point where you want more data, don’t have time to fully utilize it, or want to act on and make more sense of the numbers, we’re here for you! 

Until then, here are some tips on how to start using the analytics that Twitter provides you! 

5 Essential Insights You Can Uncover Using Twitter Analytics

Posted by Larry Kim, HubSpot

1) See Which Content Resonates With Your Audience 

Understanding which types of content and topics your audience members most enjoy can help drive your social marketing and content strategy. What's the point in sharing content no one cares about or enjoys?

In the "Tweets" tab, you can see Impressions, Engagements and Engagement Rate (Engagements divided by Impressions) for each tweet, both for paid and organic posts. Engagements include all activity on the tweet: retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and all clicks on the tweet, link, hashtag, avatar, etc. Twitter-Analytics-Graph

Image Source: HubSpot

For a more granular view of the volume of each type of engagement, you can click on the specific tweet:


Image Source: HubSpot

Understanding which content items get the most engagement on Twitter is huge. If you can even commit 10 minutes a week to recording your top five or ten tweets by engagement so you can start seeing trends over time -- and then applying those insights to future tweets -- you'll be able to better connect with your audience. 

2) Understand How People Interact With Your Tweets Over Time 

This is a really common question among social media marketers and brands: When is the best time for me to tweet? 

Some tools can analyze your Twitter followers and recommend the best time for you to tweet. There's also research out there showing when people are most likely to be active on Twitter. But of course, the best way to get to know your own audience is through your own account data.

In the Tweet Details view mentioned above, you can see the total number of impressions by the hour for the first 24 hours:


Image Source: HubSpot

This feature will be even more powerful if Twitter adds the ability to see this data over custom ranges and for the lifetime of the tweet.

One of the things you’ll notice is that tweet engagement drops off ridiculously quickly as time passes. For example, for my account, half of the engagement happens within the first 2 hours, and the rest very slowly trickles in over a few days. 

3) Get to Know Your Followers

Twitter's audience data in the "Followers" tab contains a ton of valuable and useful insights. This is where you can really get to know the people who follow you. 

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If you follow the link above you can read all of the five insights that are available in the Twitter analytics tool. Also, there are more helpful diagrams and graphs to see! As always, if you have any questions, we are happy to help answer them.

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