No More Messing Around—How to Get Quality Leads Online

August 4, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

451044469Are you tired of people calling who really aren’t ready to commit to a service or ready to buy? Are these calls and meetings you think are going to be potential leads, when they really aren’t, wasting your time and money? We’ve got some tips for you that may help!

Develop a persona

Do you know who you want your leads to be? What persona are you going after? Do you even have a persona identified?

If not give these resources a read:

Internet Marketing Tips: What Is a Buyer Persona?

Have You Met Your Buyer Personas?

Having a persona in mind and knowing what it is, is crucial when it comes to getting quality leads online. Think about it. No wonder you are getting all these random leads—you’re not focusing your effort on a particular type of customer. The people visiting your website are confused and so are you.

Target, target, target

Once you have developed that buyer persona commit to it. Target your marketing efforts with that persona in mind. Your entire marketing strategy will begin to change as soon as you get in the mindset of thinking about your persona.

Dare to find a niche

Going for a niche and really branding your business as if you're going after such a niche is well, risky. But, it can pay off. If you find a niche your leads are definitely going to be way more qualified than if you don’t have one and are going broad.

Even if finding a niche isn’t feasible for your business or just sounds too dang scary, there are options. Instead, narrow your audience. Think of everyone as your customer. Start to think about who really isn’t your customer and who is. This can work with every industry. Do not say that you serve every single audience because that is just not true.

Have them fill out a form

This is how you are going to literally capture your leads. Slap a form on your website as a way for them to download content you have provided. It’s a win-win—they get something and so do you!

Your lead has stepped into the marketing funnel and is closer to being qualified. However, just because they filled out a form does not make them a good lead—just yet. If they continue to come back and download things or read blogs you know they are working their way down the funnel.

What phases are in a funnel?

Phase 1: Awareness-Your visitors are in the high-level searching, learning stage. They are essentially window-shopping.

Phase 2: Consideration-Your visitors have downloaded an offer or two and are considering their purchase and their options.

Phase 3: Decision-Your visitor has made a decision and is ready to either be spoken to as a very serious lead or is completely ready to purchase.

Implementing the right strategy and process during these phases of the funnel to get quality leads online can be quite complicated. At Half a Bubble Out we specialize in the inbound marketing strategy and would love to help your business grow.

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