How to Grow Your Business Today By Being Socially Responsible

April 1, 2015 / by Raquel Royers

diversity_tree_hands_patternDo you want to be a business that people like? Do you want to be a business that people enjoy working with, buying from and associating with? Most people would answer yes to all of those! As a small business owner you can have two different types of philosophies when it comes to your marketing. In order to grow your business and give back to your community, there is one philosophy that is the right answer.

Philosophy 1:

The only goal of advertising and marketing is to create something based on what people need or want and then have the goal to just sell, sell, sell. All you care about is making money and growing your business, not about what you are providing or who you are providing it to. In this philosophy you will find a way to convince someone to buy your product, no matter what. To put it simply, this person could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo.

Philosophy 2:

In a world where it’s not easy to know who provides what products and services, marketing is a tool that helps the customer discover what they want and need. Marketing and advertising is present so that a customer can make an intelligent and informed decision on their purchase, who provides it, where they can get it and what the price is. You just want to provide consumers a choice and awareness of what is out there that can fulfill their want or need.

Now that you’ve read those two philosophies, we’re really hoping you’re leaning toward philosophy number 2. Are we right? Are we on the same page? Great!

There’s a difference between manipulation and persuasion, especially in marketing. It’s a degree of intention, many of the tools are the same.

How to implement today

When marketing you need to believe that you actually have a responsibility to give back to your community. Now, this doesn’t mean just giving back as in a community service or monetary sense but giving back in the way that you are being a notably fair and helpful business. By doing this you show that you care about your community, your customers and your employees. By not just caring solely about getting ahead and money, people will notice that and will want to give you business, thus your business grows in a moral fashion. Being a business that has purpose and sees a reason as to why it’s needed in the community, will allow it to grow.

There’s a marketing strategy that aligns with this particular philosophy. It’s called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing believes in having a holistic approach to marketing and business and only providing people with helpful information and products that they truly need and want.

For examples of specific ways of how to implement these strategies and how to grow your business now read this blog, “5 Small Business Marketing Ideas That Give Back to Your Community."


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