How To Finish #1 in the Successful Small Business Race

August 21, 2014 / by Jessica Miley

Successful_Small_Business_People_RacingWe know that you have the passion for your business. Right now you eat, sleep and breathe your business. But guess what? So does every other CEO who wants to be a successful small business owner. Let’s look at where you stand in the race to find out what you can improve to get back to that #1 spot.

Why You Started a Business

First, let’s look at why you started a business. Maybe you wanted to leave a legacy for your children when you leave this life. You want to be financially independent. You want to have the freedom of making decisions in your business without having your boss stifling your ideas. But maybe most importantly, you wanted to start something that would become successful.

What You are Struggling With

There are many different challenges that are happening in your race to having a successful small business. Developing systems to ensure your business operations run smoothly can be a difficult undertaking and can take time. Not only finding and keeping good employees but keeping them is a struggle for small business, all while you are trying to do the same with your customers. Resources and help dealing with the stress and responsibilities of running a small business are limited but all that more important. Do these sound like challenges you are facing daily with your race to creating a successful small business?

What You Need to Focus On

Your business includes 3 things: what you offer, systems and activities, and people. Once you realize that all your moving parts can fall into these 3 categories then it doesn’t seem that overwhelming. Focus on your goal and remember that your passion can get you through the tough times. Educate yourself on the risks that are needed to have a successful small business to prevent yourself from being too frivolous.

You can win this race to have a successful small business. Do you need some help getting there? At Half a Bubble Out we can teach and nurture your passion and provision through our consulting and knowledge of business. We would like to hear from you!

Give us your struggles in the comments below or download our free offer to learn more!


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