How a Social Media Consultant Helps You Generate Leads

August 31, 2015 / by Chris Vande Lune

social_media_like_thumbs_upSocial media is big, and here to stay. If your business isn’t doing social media marketing, you may want to consider the following statistics. In a pew research study published in January of this year, it was found that 58% of all adults in the U.S. use Facebook. In other words, over half of all Americans are using the site. If you look only at internet users, it’s a whopping 71% that use Facebook. Of course other social media sites such as Twitter and Pinterest don’t have quite that amount of traffic, but are still significant.


If you're a business owner or marketing manager, you may want to consider hiring a social media consultant to help you reach your target audience.

Here are a few benefits you will get from this type of service:


They Get You Where Your Customers Are

The overarching idea of social media marketing, and why it's so important, is to get your business to be visible in the places your customers are. You see this every day with billboards and radio commercials for people driving in their cars, television commercials when you’re watching your favorite show, and online ads when you’re searching on Google. You may be doing all of these forms of marketing, but a social media consultant can help you show up in the increasingly important areas like Facebook. Your customers are hanging out there, why shouldn’t you?


They Share Your Great Content

Another benefit to hiring a social media consultant is that they will help you share your great content. Internet marketing has evolved and is more content based than ever. The key to a great marketing plan is to have excellent content that not only helps you show up on search engines but keeps people coming to your site to get valuable information, helping your business to be seen as an authority. One of the best ways to get this content in front of your audience and drive them to your site is through social media.


They Create and Maintain Relationships

Relationships are at the core of social media marketing. Your customers want to talk to you and they want you to talk back. Comments may be negative or positive, and there are right and wrong ways to handle these interactions. The benefit to hiring a social media consultant is the knowledge of what to say and do. By developing a two-way relationship with your audience, you will be able to build trust, making people more likely to do business with you.


These are a few areas where a social media consultant can really help you generate leads for your business. Whether you do your own social media marketing in-house or decide to hire it out, make sure you go where your audience is, share your content, and build relationships. To learn more about how we can help you, click below:

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