Don't Believe These Myths about Content Marketing Services

September 14, 2015 / by Chris Vande Lune

content_marketing_notebookYou hear a lot about content marketing these days. The internet has changed, including what customers expect and what the search engines like Google expect from your site.

Maybe you've been considering hiring content services to boost your internet marketing efforts, but you aren’t sure what to think.

To help you out, here are a few common myths you sometimes hear about content marketing services and the truth about them.

Myth #1 - Content Marketing is all You Need

There has been so much buzz about content marketing in the past couple of years that you might get the impression it’s the only marketing that really matters. That’s just not true – you need content but content is not all you need. If you want to have a successful online marketing presence, you need to share your content via channels such as social media, optimize your site for search engines (search engine optimization) leads (landing page optimization), and develop an email list for communicating with your customers. The content you develop will be a big part of all of this, but it can’t stand alone.


“You need content but content is not all you need.”


Myth #2 - You’ll Have More Customers than You Can Handle Once You Start Content Marketing

You may assume that if you write it they will come. In a long term sense, with the above mentioned comprehensive strategy, that can be true. But expecting droves of customers really quickly is likely to disappoint you. This is partly because it takes a while for you to build up your sites authority with the search engines (how relevant they consider you on a particular topic), build up your audience, and receive shares of your content and people linking to your website.

We see great success with our content marketing efforts here at Half a Bubble Out, but we don’t expect it immediately and we don’t think it comes easy. You’ll do yourself a world of favor if you view your content marketing with a long term perspective and build that into your strategy from the start.


Myth #3 - Content Quality Doesn’t Matter, Only Getting a lot of It Out There Does

This may have been true a few years back, when sites could place tons of repetitive keywords on their pages and rank high on Google. Those days are long gone, and Google and other engines are advanced in their ability to catch low quality content. At best they won’t reward you for it, at worst they may penalize your site.

High quality content will attract more customers by helping them out more (a great goal for your business) along with getting them to stay longer on your site (another plus for you in the eyes of Google). You don’t have to write Pulitzer Prize material, but make your content helpful, engaging and high quality. Your customers and Google will appreciate it.


“You don’t have to write Pulitzer Prize material, but make your content helpful, engaging and high quality.”


Myth #4 - You Can’t Afford Content Marketing Services

Maybe your big objection is that you have heard content marketing services aren’t affordable. If you are a smaller business and can’t afford a full service content marketing agency, you may want to consider hiring out parts of your content writing or various other parts of your marketing. By doing some of it yourself when you can and hiring others where you can’t or don’t have time, you can save some money in the budget and still do great marketing.

If your company is larger, you may benefit from a comprehensive full service marketing agency, and it would be good to consider the costs and potential returns. A good content marketing strategy can contribute a lot to your business, so it may be more affordable than you think.

These are a few of the myths about content marketing services. If you would like to learn more about what we do here at Half a Bubble Out, download the free eBook below:

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