Craft, Tell, Live—Words to Live By as a Successful Small Business

October 10, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

successful small businessDo you envision running a successful small business where your employees, customers and YOU are happy? Sounds like a dream, right? We know you’ve thought about it and I’m here to tell you that it can be done. Keep reading to see how you and your business can start its journey to happiness and success.

There are three steps in the strategy to having a successful Passion & Provision company that has happy employees, happy customers and a good reputation.

  • Craft
  • Tell
  • Live

Let me explain.


Crafting your message as a business and brand involves making sure you know what your message is, what you want to get across and who you want to be. It involves knowing the right words to use, the way you want to say it and knowing who you are saying it to.

In the wise words of Frank Luntz “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.”

When you create a message you need to create a message that really clarifies what your company is saying. You need to think about your market and whom you’re saying it to. Who are you about? What are you about?

It’s basically a skillful way of putting together who, what, where, when, why, how. We craft a message but we also craft a strategy. What’s going to be your plan? A good strategy takes into account the environment, the market and the different channels that you can use to communicate something. But it also puts those pieces together in the appropriate way.


This is where we have all of our different media channels—all the different ways we can communicate the message (billboard, radio, TV, mass media, websites, PPC, printed assets, etc.)

While this involves outward communication it also encompasses the inward communication within your company—this being the relationship and communication that you have with your employees, clients, vendors, etc. Being able to have good communication both inward and outward will help to make you a successful small business but also will help create a great work environment with happy employees. 


You can craft, you can tell but if you don’t live it out, what you have is an incredibly inauthentic brand. If the customers find out that your behavior doesn’t match what you are saying, what you are going to do, it negatively impacts you.

Trust is at an all time low right now. Too many people have been disappointed and wronged too many times. You can understand, right? You’ve had that happen to you before! The more trust you build in the marketplace, the more trust you build with the customer. They will return to you more, buy from you more, tell people about you.

You need to be the company that builds the trust from within your company and with your clients/customers. Earn their trust. Along with helping you to gain more customers, building and earning trust is incredibly good for your office community and the moral and passion of your employees.

Here’s an example of a company, TD Banks, that is exemplifying this type of strategy. Beware, it may make you tear up a little bit!

Living out these steps will result in a happier company, happier employees, happier customers and a happier YOU! If you need help implementing this strategy in order to have a successful small business and are ready to live it out as a Passion & Provision company, we can help

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