Having Trouble Increasing Website Conversion? YOU May Be the Problem

June 23, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

girl pointingAre you having issues increasing your website conversion? Are people visiting your website but just don’t seem to continue on into leads or customers? Are your offers not being downloaded? If this all sounds familiar the issue may be that YOU are talking about yourself way too much.

Here’s a little secret: It’s about THEM, not YOU!

Got it? Ok, here’s a little explaining into exactly what we mean. We know you’re now probably thinking about or going through your website to see if you really are focusing on yourself so much. And, reality is you probably are—and didn’t even realize it.

If your website is talking about what you as a company do and why you are so awesome, you need to change this. To increase website conversion you should put yourself in your the shoes of your ideal customers and ask the following questions in order to think of what content to have on your website.

  • What questions do they have?
  • What would lead them to your site?
  • What are their triggers?
  • What problems may they be facing?
  • What personas are visiting your website?

A great example of a company that speaks directly to it’s customers and doesn’t just talk about itself is Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Ice Cream. Immediately upon reading the about page you feel as if you know the company, that it understands your needs as a consumer and are worried about serving your needs. Perfect!

coconut bliss ice cream

(Image Source: Coconut Bliss)

This could have gone completely different. Instead, if the Cococunt Bliss’ site was talking about themselves and not having its customers in mind, it would have just had an about section where it described that it was a company that sold lactose free ice cream made out of coconut and it was the best because...and so on and so on. Sound familiar? Yep, because most companies do this. Make the change now! Don’t be one of them!

“Show your visitors they are on the right track. Make them feel comfortable. Get them to experience what you want them to. That will open up doors and get more people to like you – buy from you.” (Kiss Metrics)

It’s a breath of fresh air when we come across a company [especially one that sells a product or service] that is talking about THE CUSTOMERS instead of themselves. YOU can be that type of company. Now you know, it’s simple. It just involves changing up your focus and using words that engage and show value to those visiting your site.

Now that you know this secret bit of advice try to apply it to your website. We bet you will see positive feedback and an increase in website conversion over time.

What websites do you think do a good job of not speaking about themselves but focusing on the needs of the customer?

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