Landing Page Mistakes That Are Costing You Big Time

June 14, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

Who likes to fill out a form online? Not a lot of people! Yes, quite a few people end up on landing pages but not a lot end up converting and filling out the form. Ugh, so frustrating! Why is that? Well, there are lots of things that go into the science of a landing page but there are a few KEY parts that will deter almost any visitor away.

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To start, think about the things that annoy you when you come across a landing page. Ask yourself the following questions so that you can put yourself into the mindset of the customer.

  • Is this page visually pleasing?

  • Do I know what it’s about?

  • Do I know why I’m on this page?

  • Am I confused?

  • Am I bored?

  • Is it asking me too much information or not enough?

  • Is the form easy?

  • Am I excited for the offer I’m about to get?


If any red flags come up while asking yourself those questions then I would suggest reading on to learn more. If you have a low conversion rate on your landing pages, are getting leads but not good leads and aren’t turning leads into customers you may be making some landing page mistakes.


I’d suggest giving this HubSpot blog post a read. It really goes into detail about reasons why people may not be filling out your landing page forms. You may be making these mistakes and not even know it! Having properly constructed landing pages can seriously change your internet marketing results and lead to more qualified customers. Score!


6 Reasons People Aren’t Filling Out Your Landing Page Forms


Posted by Ginny Soskey, HubSpot

Even though I'm a marketer, one of my least favorite activities is filling out forms on websites. Google's AutoFill has become my best friend to help save me from the tedious and mundane task of filling out name, email, phone number, yadda yadda yadda.

Still, if you want to grow your business, website forms are part of the gig. Your job is to make sure your forms are ones people actually fill out.

Below are six very common reasons why people won't fill out landing page forms -- so if you want more people to convert on your forms, you should steer clear of these mistakes.

1) Your landing page is too generic.

If your landing page is just a page on your website that says "contact us" on it, you're probably not going to have a ton of conversions. Even if it has that nice little drop-down specifying what their inquiry is about (Sales? PR? Support?), the landing page is too generic for most visitors on your website, so they'll end up just bouncing off your page.

On a landing page, not having a single, compelling, and clear reason for filling out the form is a surefire way to get people leaving your page. Your landing pages forms should be used to gate offers like ebooks, templates, guides, free demos, consultations, trials, etc. Basically, all things that are specific with a single, clear value proposition -- not just a general "get in contact with us" form.

2) Your landing page is too distracting.

If you have too many options on your landing page, it can make visitors feel overwhelmed. It's kind of like being in a cereal aisle at the grocery store with a billion options. Should you get Lucky Charms because they're delicious or the generic Lucky Charms because they're cheaper (though taste like cardboard) or Honey Bunches of Oats because you really need to get on that diet you said you were doing three months ago or should you get granola because it tastes better with your daily yogurt?

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