The Best Landing Pages Are Like a Good Bottle of Wine

April 28, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

Landing pages and wine? Yep, I went there. Maybe because I’m writing this on a Friday and I’m dreaming of that glass of wine I’ll be sipping on around 5 p.m. Anyways, enough about me daydreaming about wine and let me actually tell you how the best landing pages and wine relate.

landing pages


A lot of times, let’s face it we judge things by their appearance. The same goes for the way we look at a landing page to the way we look at a wine label, initially. A landing page needs to be attractive to the viewer so they want to stay, but also simple enough to easily navigate and find out where they are and what it’s about. I would say that a wine label is the same. It needs to be an interesting design, but not too cluttered, and include the important stuff: the kind of wine, the date bottled, the region it was made in and the vintner.

Use Value Oriented Language 

The best landing pages make their offers so compelling that someone who lands there can’t help but enter in their information to get the download. The language they use explains exactly what’s in it for them and what they can expect. Well, think about the back of a wine bottle—the description uses alluring words that ultimately make you purchase it. They have the same goal that the best landing pages do—create an action, whether it be becoming a lead or a customer.

Keep Coming Back for More

Good landing pages will build credibility for that website, making the visitor want to keep coming back for more. Or, they will share it with their friends via social media or download another offer. This also holds true to a good bottle of wine. When you find a good one, you keep coming back for more—or is that just me?

Continue Testing

The best landing pages are those that are continually being tested to ensure their maximum results. Every single aspect of the landing page, including the call-to-action (CTA) that leads to it should be evaluated.

And we all know how this part relates to wine, right? Wine tasting of course!

Gets Better With Age

The best landing pages only get even better with age, just like a great wine. A landing page gets more views, improves on appearance after testing and continues to get more form submissions as time goes on. If you have a really good landing page and the content is still relevant, that page continues to work well for your website and bring you leads after a few tweaks every now and then. While wine does improve in time, it is a bit different because you just let it sit there and don’t bother it, unlike a landing page. But, let’s just ignore that so that we can keep going on with the wine and landing page analogy.

Since we are talking about landing pages and wines and their similarities, let me show an example of a landing page of a wine related website. It only seems appropriate, right?

This is a landing page from Wine Folly, which is a website that blogs about wine and creates wine related items. I’m glad I stumbled upon it during my research! Anyways, they have one offer up on their website and it’s a cheat sheet to a Wine Buying Guide. Overall, I would say the landing page is pretty good but would give it a “B” grade. There’s a bit overload of information, the navigation of the website shouldn’t be present and I’d throw in some social sharing icons. But all in all, it’s pretty good!


best landing pages

Photo Source: Wine Folly

I also encourage you to just check out their website in general, especially if you like wine. It’s neat!

Now, excuse me while I go pop a bottle. Cheers!

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