The Best Landing Pages Are Like a Love Story

February 7, 2014 / by Natasha Hawkins

The best landing pages are like a love story. There is a type of romancing that must be done to introduce, persuade, gain trust, and make your customer fall in love with the idea of whatever you wish they would do. There are no guarantees, and a landing page isn’t the only date you will have with a customer, but it should make an impression, and in the very least make some sparks fly.


meeting and a landing pageThe First Meeting

You're nervous I know, but don’t worry you have a lot to offer. You are a successful business owner or marketer for a business. You have something to offer. I know I already said that, but it’s important. Some people forget that they have something people need, otherwise they would have no business. So get rid of those first date jitters, we can do this.


Now, that those jitters are gone, it’s time to open up. Within the first 5 seconds a customer should be able to see exactly what you have to offer them. Give them what they want. If someone clicked on a product or service, take them to one of the best landing pages that has a product/service description that will win their heart. Tell them what it is, how it works, and how it can apply to them.

By giving them this information you are being upfront, honest, and authentic to what you offer. If you don’t sell chocolates, then don’t talk about chocolates. They don’t care. Stick to what you have to offer. Once you have explained what you have to offer it’s time to turn on the charm…


178392659 resized 600Why Should I Pick You?

Every date, or relationship eventually has a “why should I pick you?” moment. Society has grown skeptical of car salesmen attitudes and sales gimics. They know there are other fish in the sea, so tell them upfront on your landing page, exactly why they should choose you.

In marketing we call these your overt benefits.

When listing these reasons it’s important that you’re concise, and above all honest. Our best landing pages list overt benefits in short bullets. This way a customer can skim the content and quickly answer their question - why choose you?


178396386 resized 600The Core of a Relationship – TRUST

Trust can be earned, even by a business.

“Trust is equal parts character and competence... You can look at any leadership failure, and it's always a failure of one or the other.” 
― Stephen M.R. CoveyThe SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything


Live by these words, they really work. Marketing is often seen as that dirt ball of a guy who dates and always tries to soon for a kiss. When in reality, marketing can be a gentlemen, with poise, and chivalry. Treat your customers with the utmost respect and use your landing page to convey your business’s character and competence.

You might think, how do you do that?

178017121 resized 600It’s easy, be yourself. Don’t hide behind marketing jargon and fancy techy words. Write with personality, and balance your personality with competence. This can be done with simple little gestures on a website. Make sure your landing page links and forms really work. If a landing page doesn’t work correctly, you lose credibility, and your customer will start losing trust.

A great way to earn trust with your potential customers is to offer free advice and information. You don’t have to charge for everything. Perhaps you have information that can be made into how-to guides or cheat sheets for customers. Free information is one of the fastest ways to earn trust and get that second date.


119729480 resized 600Fall In Love

Now it’s time for the magic. Follow up. Just because someone didn’t call you for services the day after downloading a guide or offer doesn’t meen they aren’t interested. People are busy, maybe they just got sidetracked and forgot. So follow up, don’t leave it up to them to call you. You have their number, well hopefully email at least, shoot them a message. Emails work great!


Make sure your email is crafted well, with a friendly, not pushy tone. Let them know about any new blogs you might have, or relatable information. Make sure you are clear about why they are receiving this email or call. Remind them about their download or offer that they downloaded from your landing page. Maybe even ask them if they had any questions. These are all great ways to continue the conversation and create a relationship with love for your business.

Love is unpredictable, and can happen at any time. Create the best landing pages that people love and you won’t just get more customers, you will build a brand that is loved by its customers. 

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