How to Market Your Business With Inbound & Razzle Dazzle an Audience

May 13, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

Have you seen a stage production of Chicago? Or even the movie? If so, then if I say the lyrics of a song – like – “razzle dazzle them” – you immediately get it stuck in your head. It’s memorable. That’s what you want inbound marketing to do for your business – get it stuck in people’s head.


If you haven’t seen the Chicago performance, check it out below: 


What is inbound marketing?

It’s the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business (HubSpot). Like this:

inbound methodology 

Here are 3 steps to razzle dazzle your audience with inbound marketing.

1. Create engaging content

Inbound marketing centers around content. Helpful information you provide to your potential customers about what they are searching for online, what your business does, and how it can help. It can be written in the form of blog articles, short tip sheets, longer ebooks, how-to guides, or case studies. It’s the entertainment value if you will. The choreography, lights, stage sets, and talent.

2. Design a call-to-action

Once you’ve developed that engaging content, it has to live somewhere. That somewhere is on your website in an obvious place so people can easily have access to it once they come to your site. Put this content in front of them via a call-to-action that tells the visitor what you want them to do. Sure, your potential customer has to fill out a form first to get the content, but then you have their contact information and they have the information they wanted. Your call-to-action should look hot and sexy, like the costumes the performers wear on stage.

3. Promote your content

People won’t know about the awesome content you have to offer unless you hype it up. Post the content you create on your social media channels. Continue doing keyword research so you know what people are searching for. Keep your business top of mind by implementing an email nurturing campaign for people who download your content. Send out an e-newsletter to existing customers and leads. Continue giving people what they want and they will continue to buy tickets to your show.

Recap: How do you razzle dazzle potential customers?

  • You give them engaging content (the entertainment value)
  • Create a call-to-action (make it look hot and sexy)
  • Hype it up (get people to buy tickets)
inbound marketing audience resized 600

Like watching a performance of a Broadway play and getting the musical numbers stuck in your head, inbound marketing is fun, entertaining, and should be memorable - especially when done as a holistic strategy. That’s how you razzle dazzle your audience and market your business inbound style. Send this blog to the other cast members on your team, then contact us to learn more about how to market your business with inbound. 

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