5 Reasons Why Blog Posts Aren’t Just For 20-Something Wanderers Anymore

April 14, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

Do you remember the days when blogs were those things that either teeny bopper girls used as their online diaries or they were what someone [usually in their 20s] began before they embarked on a backpacking trip in Europe. Are you still stuck in that moment of time thinking that’s what blogging is all about? Are you still asking “why blog?"

why blog

Well we’ll let you in on a little secret, blogs aren’t just for 20-something wanderers anymore. Yes, don’t get us wrong, they are definitely still a fair share of blogs out there that are discussing travel plans and what not but there’s an equal or even greater amount of blogs that represent businesses.

Ok, so now probably onto your next question, “how in the heck does a business utilize a blog?" Ah, we thought you’d never ask! Here are 5 reasons why businesses utilize a blog:

1. Please Google

I guess the headline for this section could also read “Improve SEO” but let’s be real here—Google is the almighty god of the internet and everything we do involves pleasing it. All hail Google!

So let’s break this down. How does blogging help please Google? Well, each time you blog, you create a new web page—brand spankin' new. Google loooovvveeessss this and we love it when Google loves what we create. After awhile those blog posts start to accumulate and create a sense of online real estate. The more you have (granted they are quality, helpful, original content, and optimized) the better your SEO and standing with Google will be.

Happy Google=Happy Customers=Happy Business

2. Increase Website Traffic

So, in turn if you and Google are on good terms technically the amount of people that are visiting your website should increase. Like we said above, the more pages you add, the better your online real estate, the more likely you are to be found in search engines. Being more likely to be found in search engines will directly effect your website traffic.

3. Be Helpful

Having a blog is a way to offer helpful information to those who are looking for it. How awesome would it be to have someone type a question into Google and your blog post comes up with the answer?! Pretty awesome, that’s what it would be. I may be a little biased, but it seems like if you offer helpful information to someone that they are actually looking for, in return they may share that information, follow your site or become a potential customer.

4. Show Off Your Expertise

Whatever your business is you probably have all kinds of knowledge just waiting to be shared, right? Don’t think you do? We bet you do and you don’t even realize it. Whatever your industry may be—podiatry, selling furniture, a coffee shop, real estate—you have a reason to blog. There are people searching for information on your specific industry and want answers to questions only you, as the professional will know. Don’t let that go to waste!

5. Increase Business Profits

All in all, everyone always cares about return on investment. If you’re going to be putting in all this time writing and sharing your knowledge you want to know that there will be some profit in the end. The answer is yes there will be! Just know blogging takes time—it definitely doesn't provide instant gratification. Don’t expect after a month or two of blogging to be at the top of page one in Google and to have your phone ringing off the hook. Be patient! In the end though, you’ll be thankful you started blogging.

Need some motivation? Here are some motivational quotes in 60 seconds. Who doesn’t like quotes?

So now that you know why blogs aren’t just a thing 20-something wanderer’s use, get to it! Need help on how to start blogging or don’t have the time to blog and want an agency to do that for you? Contact us today!

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