Pests Don’t Increase Website Conversion-They Kill It [Infographic]

March 28, 2014 / by Vicky Zancanella

Increase Website ConversionYou have your new website design up and running.


You have optimized it for search engines.


You are blogging and attracting traffic to your site.


You are getting a huge increase in website conversions.

Nope. Wait…what?

Well what went wrong? You are doing everything the SEO articles you have read told you to do on your website. You feel like you have become a website master, but you’re not seeing the results.

Is all this time, money and energy gone to waste?

NO WAY- but there may be a few pests hanging around that are not helping you increase website conversion. There may just be a few little bugs to work out, or to squish so to speak.

Get these pests out of your way and you will see an increase in your website conversion- those visitors actually becoming leads and then your customers. What an idea right?!


Some of these website conversion killers might include:


No way to convert

Sometimes, in the excitement and busyness of all you are doing for your business online, you may forget the obvious. Look at your website with fresh eyes. Have you even given a visitor a way to convert? Do you have a form for them to fill-out, is there a phone number to call?

Incomplete contact information

Just make sure all your contact information is complete and correct. Silly errors can cause your visitors to not be able to contact you, even if they tried!

Broken conversion tools

Double check and make sure your forms are working and they are being sent to the right people. Check that the phone numbers listed or email addresses are going through. And if you are an ecommerce site, walk through the entire shopping cart to checkout process to double check everything is working.

Too complicated

Is your website easy to move around, read and not stuffed full of so many tabs and pages and steps to take to do something on your site? Make it easy for your visitors by de-cluttering your website, streamlining your content and being clear. Don’t overthink it or overdo it!

Takes too much time

If a visitor has to spend too much time on accomplishing one thing, they are bound to get frustrated and leave- or bounce as we call it. It’s amazing to think that if the load speed of a webpage is too long (talking 3 seconds too long) people get frustrated and leave.

Asking for too much

Are you asking someone to sign up for your blog subscriber’s list by submitting a blood oath or promise of their first born child? Okay, that’s extreme, but sometimes those of us in business get so excited about all the possible information we can use to help us do our job better, we forget that we are asking a bit much for what we are giving.

Rule of thumb-the exchange of information needs to be equal. If you want someone to subscribe to your blog, their email address should suffice-and, okay, you could ask for their name too. But you don’t need their phone number just yet. You will come on too strong.

Confusing or no call to action

Don’t beat around the preverbal bush. Get to the point. Call the visitor to make an action on your site. Use action verbs such as Click Here, Download, Call Now, Subscribe today, and Buy Now.  Use arrows, colors, images and design elements to get your visitor’s attention.

This doesn’t mean you need to be obnoxious and use a blinking neon arrow, but don’t be confusing or wishy-washy. Get to the point and tell your visitors what you want them to do. Call them to an action. The results might just surprise you!

Boring/irrelevant content

Write interesting headlines and titles on your pages and content that is engaging and interesting. Capture your readers attention by saying something bold, asking a question, telling a story and connecting it to the whole reason why they came to your website in the first place. Understand your buyer persona and who your ideal customer is. Then write to them.


Get social, or at least get your business on social media. This is a great place to interact with your visitors and leads and build relationships. It is also a great place to call them to action.

On the opposite end, make sure you have added social buttons on your website. These buttons can direct to your business pages or accounts on popular social networks, or it can allow your visitors to like or share your website content with others on social media. What a great way to extend your brand’s reach!


But don’t take my word for it!

Here are 11 more pests you may need to repel in this great infographic from


 11 Leading Website Conversion Killers



Are you feeling bugged now? Did we put a bee in your bonnet? Are you getting antsy to rid your website of some of these pests and increase your website conversion?

Okay-enough with the puns.

Sure there are mistakes we all make when it comes to creating a website and online presence that don't allow us to reach our full potential to increase our website conversion and see more visitors becoming customers. The job seems like it is never done and there are numerous tips, strategies, "must do’s" and "try these" all over the internet.

I encourage you to try some of these, test them, wait and then see the results. You will find things that increase your website conversion that are simple and easy. Other tactics as well as some of the strategies, take a bit more thought, time and planning.

If you are interested and serious about seeing an increase in your website conversion rates and would like some consultation, help and partnership in this journey, we are here to help! Contact us here at the Bubble today and let the extermination of these pests begin!

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