How to Loosen Up Your Writing & Dazzle Your Internet Marketing Audience

March 26, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

DazzleThe other day I was having a conversation with two of our writers about this topic. I was giving feedback about a blog post. All of the information was there in the blog, but as I read through it felt boring and stiff. I told the author to loosen up her writing. We talked about other things for awhile, but right before our meeting was over she asked, “How do I loosen up my writing?” Great question. As I thought about my response, I realized there were 3 big things that would help her. Below are a few internet marketing tips to help you loosen up your writing too.

1.  Create a scenario

One of the hardest parts of writing is getting started. Even if you sit down and just start writing whatever words comes to mind, it can feel silly and chaotic. Start with a scenario. Paint a picture in your reader’s mind. Remember, your internet marketing content is all about providing helpful information to people. You want to write about what they’re searching for. Think about the questions or problems your current customers have. For example, you have a plumbing company. Your plumbers are most often called out to homes because of clogged drains. You might start a blog about unclogging a toilet like this:

Your dinner guests will be here in 10 minutes. You walk through the house giving each room a once over to make sure everything is in its place. As you walk down the hall, you hear the toilet flush and your daughter’s sweet voice say, “uh-oh.” That’s never good. You walk into the bathroom and see the water level in the toilet slowly rising. “Did you flush a toy again?!” you ask your daughter. She stares at you wide-eyed. Right now it doesn’t matter. You throw the bathroom towels on the floor to catch the water, send your daughter to her room, and grab the phone. You need a plumber – and fast!

Most people looking for a plumber will be able to relate to the scenario above, or at least imagine themselves in the same situation. Your blog post would go on to give some quick tips for unclogging a toilet and then provide your company’s contact info for the next time the reader needs a plumber.

2.   Use a conversational tone

Using a conversational tone isn’t exactly the same as writing spoken text. When we talk to each other we use words such as, “like,” “um,” “really” or words that don’t quite have the meaning we want, but they were the first to come to mind. That being said, it does help to read your writing out loud. Other ways to sound conversational are:

  • Use the word “you.” - This is also known as writing in second person. It makes the reader feel like you are speaking to them. They don’t want to feel like just another face in the crowd.
  • Get to know your audience. – This is your buyer personas. Your ideal customers. They talk a certain way and use certain words. Learn what the sensory and emotional words are that will catch their attention and dazzle them.
  • Use the active voice, not the passive voice. – "I will write a blog twice a week" (active). "A blog will be written by me twice a week" (passive). It’s subtle, but do you see the difference?

Conversational writing requires rethinking and restructuring your writing, but the more you do it the easier it will be.

3.  Read other content

Pick two blogs to read every day: one industry related blog and one blog about anything that interests you. Reading industry related blogs will help inspire you with new topics. Reading a blog about anything that interests you will open your mind to other writing styles. The more you read the better you write. Loosen up and dazzle your audience.

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