Internet Marketing Tips: 5 Post-its to Stick on Your Desk Right Now

March 11, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

Post-its on computerI love Post-its. They make me happy. Not the yellow boring square Post-its – although they will do – I like the Post-its that come in fun shapes, sizes and colors. Why am I writing to you about Post-its? Because they help me write my internet marketing tips every week and they can help you write too.


While it’s true that Post-its will serve a better purpose for certain personality types – like you fellow list makers out there who I would get along with beautifully – they can also be effective for you more spontaneous types who have an idea and just need somewhere to quickly jot it down before you move onto your next task or idea.


Today was a busy day. Heck, any day writing for internet marketing is never dull. But today specifically I felt a mild case of panic starting to swell up in the pit of my stomach. This is nothing new especially on a Monday morning and just a part of who I am before I give myself a pep talk, look at the calendar, and strategically plan my week. This time I decided to take it a step further with these 5 Post-it notes I stuck on my desk and you should too. Why? Because it will help keep you sane, clear your mind, and make your week much more manageable.


go to lunch


Sometimes I get into an internet marketing zone and don’t take the time to physically leave for lunch. Instead, I eat at my desk and continue to do internet marketing stuff. However, when I actually do leave for lunch it gives me time to clear my mind. I come back refreshed and refocused and actually end up getting more done than if I had stayed. The sunshine and fresh air isn’t a bad deal either. Give yourself a break a few times a day.




read a blog


Read a blog, any blog, except your own or in my case, our internet marketing client’s. I write and edit blogs for a living. What I’ve noticed myself getting worse and worse at is taking the time to read other’s blogs, both in the internet marketing industry or something completely random. I love Copyblogger and I love The Happiness Project blog. I need a Post-it reminder to actually stop and read these because reading other people’s writing will inspire your own.




just write


Sometimes I’m an indecisive perfectionist. Not a good combination. I want my writing to be just right, but I can’t decide when I’ve achieved that. Instead, I need to just write and not worry about it being good or bad. We having a saying around here to lower our expectations, meaning we are all competitive overachievers and want to do things well, but sometimes need to let ourselves off the hook and just let whatever comes through our fingertips onto the page stay there. You can always go back and revise, but getting started is the hardest part.


ask for help


I was recently reminded to ask for help while I feel like I’m treading water – not when I’m in over my head. You can only tread water for so long before your body will get worn out and you’ll sink anyway. But if you ask for help while your head is still above water, someone can throw you a life preserver. Internet marketing for any business is a constant, recurring endeavor. Instead of trying to be the captain of the ship and steer it all, ask your mates for help.



do what you can do


At the end of my internet marketing day I can only accomplish so much. When I’ve been proactive, focused, and not distracted by social media and office dogs, I have to leave it all behind and go home for the day. Post-its can help you stay motivated in a fun way, but you’re allowed and encouraged to have a life. Your business should be a part of your life, but not your whole life. Don’t forget you can only do what you can do in a day and remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place.



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