Inbound Marketing, Creativity and the Power of Rest

February 12, 2014 / by Kathryn Redman

For months now here at Half a Bubble Out we have been writing and posting blogs about a wide variety of inbound marketing and SEO concepts; from how to create the best landing pages to what makes a good website, how to add keywords to your website, and a host of other topics. Every week each person in our office gets assigned a topic from the core areas we have committed to writing about, and every week we are responsible for coming up with a helpful, informative blog post about that topic. We are huge believers in blogging and have seen the fruit of it in our business. Having said that, if you look at the authors over the past several weeks, you will note that I have been woefully remiss in contributing my allotted blog posts on any regular basis.

Even the Boss Gets Writer’s Block

Like many of the clients we work with and encourage, I have proverbially “hit a wall” on writing. So many other things, like serving our client’s needs, have crowded into my time and made it challenging for me to find any creativity around the topics Paige in our office regularly assigns me. Of course, because I am Paige’s boss, she doesn’t get to pressure me to produce quite the way she might be able to with our other staff. It isn’t fair, I know, but ownership has to have its perks, right?

Writing with a View

I confess this to you for one simple reason.  Today I feel like writing. Perhaps not on the assigned topic, but writing nonetheless. Why am I writing you ask? Well, quite honestly I am sitting on a lounge chair on a windy, but warm enough day overlooking the Pacific Ocean and listening to sea lions proclaim their opinion about which spot they were able to claim on the rock outcroppings.

writer's view

This particular spot follows a morning on the veranda of our room at the San Luis Bay Inn reading, journaling and talking about life and business with my husband, who is also my business partner. I then managed a decent workout so that I would not be shamed by the couple traveling with us who are doing a great job of staying healthy on vacation!

It isn’t my goal to make you hate me right now, I just want to give context. This is my third day at Avila Beach on a holiday we planned about a year ago at a timeshare we don’t get to visit often. I spent the first two days decompressing and doing not much of anything. Napping, spending three hours in a local coffee shop we love called Joe Momma’s, watching the Olympics, taking in a movie. Today I pulled out my computer for the first time and wanted to write.

Choose Rest

I admit I am not quite thinking creatively about SEO concepts, but I am writing. It’s a start. There is incredible power in rest, downtime, and the sound of the ocean waves and crazy flocks of seagulls. Maybe I’ll write another blog post while I’m here. Maybe, at the very least, I’ll feel rested enough by the time I get back, to not let Paige down quite so much in the coming weeks.

If you are struggling with your writing or your creativity at other levels, choose to rest. Be intentional. Even if it is just a commitment to fully pull back on a weekend, the rewards of resting and recharging are powerful. Schedule yourself some rest, and please don’t hate me for the view I have!

If you feel like your writing efforts need more than just a restful reboot, contact us to see how we can help with content for your inbound marketing strategy. 

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