Client Spotlight: The Hignell Companies Models What Creating Caring Communities is All About

January 9, 2014 / by Kathryn Redman

The Hignell Companies LogoWe LOVE to brag on our clients. Sometimes we get to brag about work we have done with them, and sometimes we just get to brag on the incredible stuff they are doing! Today is such a day. The Hignell Companies have been a client for nearly seven years and we love who they are and what they do. We talk often with them about the Chico community and the involvement that businesses get to have in making our community a better place. We are proud to tell you that The Hignell Companies is doing more than just talking about corporate giving! We wanted to tell you about this. This blog is the press release announcement so you can see what they are up to!


The Hignell Companies Launch Foundation to Help Both Employees and the Community

Chico, California - North Valley Community Foundation announced today the debut of the Hignell Companies Foundation. The Hignell Companies’ corporate values include intentional giving, and the newly created Foundation is one way that these values will be demonstrated moving forward.


The Hignell Companies' corporate values include intentional giving, and the newly created Foundation is one way that these values will be demonstrated moving forward.


At The Hignell Companies Foundation their giving will closely align with their corporate mission: Creating Caring Communities that Transform Lives. The focus clearly states who they are and their core beliefs. They start with their employees and seek to build opportunities within their managed communities and the community at large.


In the spirit of the mission, the Foundation will highlight two funds: The Employee Care Fund and the Community Impact Fund. By focusing on both their own employees and the community at large, the company will be living out their values holistically.


Speaking of company values Phil Larios, President and CEO stated "Our methods are simple: we work in and through relationships, seek to honor and encourage one another, demonstrate unwavering integrity, practice uncommon generosity, and foster growth and innovation."


The Hignell giving programs - the Employee Care Fund and the Community Impact Fund - embody these principles and beliefs. They seek to honor God's love through their own practice of uncommon generosity and truly inspire their employees and the community at large to live out their divine destiny.


"The Hignell Companies are leading the way in corporate giving,” said Alexa Benson-Valavanis, CEO, North Valley Community Foundation. “They are known for their generosity in the community and this step forward gives a clear message to potential recipients what matters most to them and the process by which decisions can be made. The initiation of an Employee Care Fund sends a strong message to their team that the company wants to be there for their needs too." 


For more information on the Hignell Companies Foundation, contact Laura Cootsona at NVCF at or 530.518.7751 or Tina Rosenquist with The Hignell Companies at 530.894.0404 ext.112.

How cool is this? Does it inspire you to look at ways you or your business can be in the business of giving back? We hope so! And we say thank you to The Hignell Companies for modeling one way this can look.

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