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December 6, 2013 / by Natasha Hawkins

habo challege resized 600Christmas is 19 days away! That’s it! Then comes the New Year. Looking back on this year and your business, what have you done to improve your marketing and get new business? For some of us 2013 is a blur; you had no time and no resources to even think about marketing for your business, or changing any of your current marketing. This is why I am proposing a New Year's Resolution free of gym memberships and making promises to lose 10 lbs.

Instead make a resolution that encourages you to focus on improving your business by using internet marketing to achieve one of these three business goals:



  1. Get more traffic to your website.
  2. Get more leads for your business.
  3. Get more customers!

Why These 3 Goals?

While you might have more specific goals for your business, it really all boils down to these three goals for internet marketing. Each of them is a result of an issue with your business. Below you will find some signs of why you would choose each goal.


Get more traffic to your website:

  • You have a website, but no one visits it and it’s not really bringing you any business.
  • You have a new business, but no website.
  • You have a website, but you really have no clue who visits.


Get More Leads for Your Business:

  • You Have a website, and it seems to be getting visits, but no one is calling or asking about your services or products.
  • Your website looks great, but you have nothing encouraging visitors to take the next step in your sales process.
  • You’ve been blogging, and traffic is up for your site, but you're missing calls to action.
  • All your business comes from the yellow pages.


Get More Customers:

  • Your website traffic is booming, people are subscribing to your blog, but no one is buying from you.
  • People are filling out forms and downloading things, but no one is turning into a customer.
  • People are talking about your business online, but you're not getting any new customers.
  • New customers are few and far between, and you don’t know why.


Are You Up for the Challenge?

Here’s how it works. We challenge you to read our blog for 25 days, and on New Year's Day you actually start devising an internet marketing plan for your business. This could be as little as taking one tip or advice we gave you and applying it to your business. Read each blog and ask yourself if your business is using any of the tactics discussed. You might find some of the topics to be unfamiliar, but stay open. Give it a try and do your best to take this challenge seriously. It could mean a prosperous and rewarding 2014 for your business and your family.


Sure you could call us today if you like, but we really want you to take the 25 days to read, learn, and get an understanding of what internet marketing is, and how you can use it for your business. 


Challenge Details:

Your challenge is to read our daily blog topics about internet marketing and small business for 25 days. At the end of these 25 days we encourage you to pick at least 1 topic or idea from our blogs and use it to improve - or implement - internet marketing for your business.

We also ask that if you tweet or share our content or tips please add the hashtag #IMChallenge14 or tag Half a Bubble Out. 


Your First Steps:

Subscribe to our internet marketing blog, so that our blogs go directly to your email and you never miss one! This will save you time, plus it will help you fight the urge to quit the challenge. Kind of like that little angel on your shoulder reminding you to do the right thing and read our blog.

Then go find us on your favorite social media platform and like or follow our pages! 

Frequently Asked Questions:


How often does Half a Bubble Out Blog?

We blog on a daily basis and all of our blogs are tied to internet marketing.

How can I subscribe to the Blogs?

Subscribing to our blog will make this challenge much easier. Subscribing will send you our daily email right to your email of choice. That way you don't have to go searching for it. To subscribe simply go to our blog page by clicking here, and look to the top right of the page where it says, "Join our blog for free!" Type your email in the box below and click subscribe. Thats it. 

Who writes the Half a Bubble Out Blogs? Why Listen?

Our blogs are written by a clever staff of Santa’s elves. Just joking. We have a team of highly skilled and trained Internet Marketers, SEO Specialists, Copywriters & Journalists, Inbound Specialists, Hubspotters, Social Media Guru’s, Designers, and our CEOs even write at least 1 blog a week. Our special mix of specialists is what makes our blog so powerful. Instead of getting one blog writer that knows mostly about one subject, you get a number of writers who are all specialists in different areas, but all trained to think holistically about internet marketing.


Can I Ask Questions About Blogs?

Yes! Please, please ask questions. In our office we have this saying, “Questions are always free.” Ask as many questions on our blog as you like. We love answering and helping people like you with their internet marketing and business questions. In fact, every time we see a question or comment on our blog we all take a 5 second break and dance around our office!


What If I Miss A Blog?

While your challenge is to read every blog for the next 25 days, we understand life and business sometimes complicate our lives and make it tough to take time and read. Our challenge to you is to do your best, take the challenge seriously, but if you miss it’s ok. We will still love you, and you can always find that blog in your inbox if you subscribed or you can simply go to our blog and look for the day you missed and read it when you have time.


I Read All 25 Blogs, Now What?

At the end of the 25 days of blog reading it is up to you to take the next step and apply something mentioned in our blog to your business. It could be a social media tip we talked about, creating a website for your business, making an internet marketing plan for your business, adding Google analytics to your site so you can track visitors, or calling us to take the next step with you.


Just do something that will better your business and use internet marketing. Sure it’s not the most complete and detailed strategy, but it’s a start in the right direction. And it will at least get you thinking about your marketing and getting new business for your website. 


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