Why is the “RIGHT” Internet Marketing Strategy Important for Your Success?

October 14, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

chess strategyThere is no one right strategy for marketing online.  Common sense will tell you that, even if you don’t know anything about the internet. But - and here it is - there are only a few small differences between most of the successful internet marketing strategies.  If you want to take advantage of the power and the cost effectiveness of internet marketing then you need a great strategy, and unless you’re one of the experts arguing over the little things then I will say this to you:


There really is only one “Right” internet marketing strategy for your company and you need help finding it!


In the last few weeks we have talked to several companies about internet marketing.  Out of those we have talked to, and this really happens weekly these days, most of them are doing very little to market online.  A couple of companies are doing some things online such as blogging and keeping their website up to date but have seen a limited amount of success to date.


Are they asking questions like you are asking?


What kind of questions are you asking about internet marketing? What do you not know that you wish you did in regards to your marketing online?


Well the leaders we are talking to are asking questions like:

  • How do I know if internet marketing really works?
  • I’ve been taken advantage of with my website so how do I know internet marketing won’t do the same thing?
  • I don’t understand the internet so how do I even make a wise decision about internet marketing?
  • What is the ROI?
  • And one of my favorites. Can you show me proof?


In fact, the one company that is seeing some success from their efforts has shared that they are at the limit of their abilities and need help.  That’s why they reached out to us.  They asked all of these questions and attempted to educate themselves and they were somewhat successful.  They saw that there was something to all of this but they say that their efforts were hitting a ceiling.  They aren’t sure how but they believe that there is more success possible.  But how?


When I evaluated their efforts I knew that what they are lacking is the right strategy and a few small pieces. They need a strategy that is proven to work and then refine that strategy for their unique business model.  We have seen it before and so have thousands of other companies online. 


You see, the internet marketing world is maturing and it is a sophisticated industry.  If you don’t know the rules then you can do a lot of work and not get very far.


The Best Example


The best example of a powerful strategy is trying to move a heavy weight without a lever.  Archimedes was said to move the world.


You may not have moved the world but at one time in your life you probably have opened a soda bottle or a beer bottle.  Before the twist off you had to use an opener.  A bottle opener is a lever and a powerful one at that.


Without the opener mere mortals can’t open it but with an opener it is easy, even for children. The right strategy is every bit as powerful to you and your company online. Without the right strategy it will take you a lot more time and energy to get results and those results will probably be… Well, let’s just say underwhelming.


bottle opener

You need the right strategy to succeed online.  Take the time to find an expert that can help.  In the meantime take a look at this ebook.  It’s free and it will help you learn more about what I’m talking about.


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