6 Ways to Find the Best Deals on Black Friday Using Social Media

November 27, 2013 / by Raquel Royers

Only two more days until the biggest shopping day of the year is upon us. You better start Using Social Media to get the best deals on Black Fridaystrategizing if you haven’t yet already. Don’t think you can just go in and shop without a plan. Make it count and start doing your research now—by utilizing social media. 

Make your life easier and follow these six tips on how to find the best deals on Black Friday using social media:

1. "Like” the Facebook Pages of Stores You Want to Hit Up

Now, don’t go “liking” hundreds of store's Facebook pages. You need to decide where you really want to go. Check out their Facebook pages and see what products they are offering. Many pages will give you sneak peeks of what products you will find on sale or some will even start selling sale priced items early. But, the only way you will know is if you have “liked” their page!

For example, Best Buy has a five-day countdown to Black Friday in which every single day they announce via social media a sale item that is available prior to the big day.

2. Follow Twitter Accounts

Just as you liked a store's Facebook page, you should also follow them on Twitter. Often certain things will be posted to one social networking site and not the other because there are different target audiences. Also, it’s just reassuring to know you have two different social networking sites to monitor the best deals.

It may also be smart to follow on all social media platforms sites that specialize in Black Friday deals like

3. Create lists on Twitter

To organize and have all of your Black Friday deals in one spot you should create a list. Trust me, this will make your life so much easier. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find the Twitter page of a store you want to follow
  • Click “follow”
  • Then, next to the follow button (to the left) click the “user actions” button
  • In the drop down menu select “add or remove from list”
  • Add to list—unless you have yet to create one then select create list.

Once you have created a list, access it by going to your own Twitter page (me) and on the right of the page you will see “lists.” And there you have it; you will have all of the pages you selected organized. This will help you filter out all of those other tweets that have nothing to do with Black Friday deals.

4. Search Certain Keywords and Hashtags

Typing keywords into the top of Twitter is a good way to find deals on certain products that Social Media you are interested in. However, you can also type a hashtagged word into the search or into the “discover tab” (either one will work). For example you could search #BlackFriday, but just know doing so will bring up a lot of results from every type of store, company and person hashtagging Black Friday.

Some retailers are starting their own hashtags for Black Friday in order to track the tweets through Twitter, so be on the look out for that.

5. Download Black Friday Apps

Downloading apps specifically created for finding the best Black Friday deals is a no brainer, especially since you will need something to do while standing in those long lines. Hey, you’ll most likely be on your phone or iPad anyway, so why not continue to search for the best deals.

Venture Beat recently released a list of 8 must have apps for finding the best Black Friday deals:

6. Follow Conversations

Not sure if braving the crowds is worth it? Let your friends do the dirty work. Just sit back and watch your newsfeed to see what people are talking about through social media. Most often people will post where the killer deals are, stores with the longest lines or if the sale is a flop. Black Friday decisions have never been easier!

Remember to have fun and be safe! It can get brutal out there with all those deal hungry shoppers. Or, if you don’t want to even try to brave the crowds don’t forget there is Cyber Monday!

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