Great Video on Your Working Memory and Living a Fuller Life

November 26, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

Inbound Marketer with postit's to remind him of stuffI'm always looking for something to help me grow; to be a more effective marketer and just plain better human being. I also like it when whatever I find to learn about is interesting too. I also believe that when I'm growing I'm creating a fuller, more enjoyable life. That's why I like so much. 

Now, I don't like all the videos there and sometimes I get bored but I keep searching because I have found so many diamonds on this website. Today I found a great video on Working Memory.

Working memory isn't the most sexy of topics but Peter Doolittle, (seriously that's his name), does a great job of explaining short term memory in layman's terms and giving us a reason to pay attention. As small business leaders it's also important to realize what people can focus on and what they can't. I think good Inbound Marketing pays attention to these types of things and incorporates them into our ideas.

So sit back and take the next 9 1/2 minutes to learn something useful, or be reminded again, and enjoy it at the same time.



You see? Pretty good, wasn't it?

Have a great week and don't forget to exercise your short term memory. In fact use it to remember why your thankful for someone and then tell them.

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