3 Power Tips You Can Do in 24 Hours to Increase Website Conversion

November 2, 2013 / by Travis Martin

Clock FaceIt’s a question people have been asking time and time again, “how do I increase website conversion,” or “what is the best way to increase website conversion”?

You will find hundreds of internet marketing blogs out there and for the most part they all have really good advice and tactics when it comes to increasing website conversion. What you will learn today are 3 things you can do in 24 hours to begin to increase website conversion.

Let’s start with our first innovative idea…

#1 Make Your Call-to-action Very Clear

If you have a CTA on your website do what’s called the Squint Test. Open your front page and squint your eyes so they are barely open. Can you easily recognize your CTA?

If Yes…You’re already a rock star.

If Not…Here are some tips.

  • Create a CTA button that contrasts the background color of your site. If you use a blue background try using a red color on your CTA button. This will help your CTA stand out and be easily noticed on your home page.
  • Use a large font on your CTA button. If you want to have visitors click on your button make it easier for them to read it. Small print is hard to read. A CTA should have a clear and easy font.
  • Place your CTA on the right side of your page. Most websites locate their CTAs on the right side of the screen or in the middle. Since people read left to right, it is easy for people to scan through some content on the left side of your page and then land at a CTA on the right to make a decision.

Here is an example of a very clear CTA

resume baking


#2 Place Consistent Offers On Every Page

A company that does this very well is FOREVER21. When they have sales they place a banner ad at the top of their website from the home page all the way to the checkout page. This keeps the discount visible all the way through the shopping process.

Do you have a product you sell? Great! Try to use a coupon code at the top of your page and place it on every page of your site all the way till checkout to increase website conversion.

If you don’t have a product you’re selling, post a customer testimony at the top of your page or better yet link up to a scrolling Twitter feed that displays positive feedback from your customers on Twitter. People love seeing that they are not alone in the buying process. If people can see others are doing it, whatever “it” is, people are more likely to invest into your product or service.

Take a look at this example below from FOREVER21

Forever 21 


#3 Shorten Your CheckOut Forms

I have been on a lot of e-commerce sites and it’s always surprising when you come across a site that has a shockingly easy checkout process. What I mean by this is the fields that you need to fill out in order to purchase your product are reduced drastically. Some websites, when charging you for their service or product will not even ask for your name anymore. It’s as simple as an email and a credit card number with an occasional billing address requirement.

The first step to see if you can implement this type of feature to your website is checking to see what your credit card merchant needs to process a payment. It may be a lot less information than you’re asking for.

The more you can cut out unwanted fields in your checkout process the quicker sales and conversions you will experience.

A Little Something Extra

So before we leave you today I want to share a great video with you. It’s from Web123 Media and what they have done is taken a client’s website and walked through the aspects of the site they would change to help increase website conversion. Remember, a crucial part of any internet marketing strategy is the ability to recognize how to help your clients convert traffic into leads. Here is a great example of that.

Sit back and grab a piece of paper and pen and take notes as you watch.

Now What?

So you’ve been equipped with some powerful tactics to increase website conversion. Now go out and have a blast! Enjoy every moment of these internet marketing adventures and remember to always have fun!


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