Candy Bars & the Internet Marketing that Makes You Scream!

November 1, 2013 / by Natasha Hawkins

Remember when you used to dress up for Halloween, maybe you were a policeman, a fairy, or The Little Mermaid. You felt invincible dressing up for one night to collect as much candy as possible, only to gobble it up in a matter of days.  

The truth is those days are probably a brief memory for you, and you are filled with joy in watching your children and grandchildren dress in costume and go trick or treating. What have you become now? Did you become that sheriff you use to dress up as, or maybe you're the sheriff of your own business. You're the boss. No costumes, no stage makeup, you're the real deal, but you're still looking for that candy, NEW Business. That's where we can help, and guess what? You don't have to go door to door for your customers. We bring them to you. How? Keep reading.


What You Can Learn From Your Favorite Trick Or Treat Candy:

Every trick-or-treater has a favorite candy bar, or candy, that they hoped their neighbors would hand out. Whether it was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles, or Taffy. Now that you're a grown up you might not be eating all that sugery candy, but you might as well learn a thing or two for your business. 

Below you will find our TOP 5 favorite Halloween candies. We chose these 5 not just on their lovable taste, but also on their internet marketing tricks and treats!


Reese's Internet Marketing:

It's no suprise this chocolaty, peanut butter filled morsel made our top pick. Its internet marketing is spot on and in sync. From the website to the Twitter account it has a fluid design and message that is professional, and mouthwatering. 



Internet Marketing reeses 



















Reeses facebook strategy


Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 3.06.39 PM resized 600  


Reeses twitter


Reeses Internet and Twitter


Snickers Internet Marketing:

Snickers never seems to disappoint. From Betty White and the Superbowl ads to the Halloween campaign. Snickers is always on its toes, and always pays attention to seasonal marketing. Snickers has been hitting TV hard with its headless horseman commercial this Halloween, and has continued that theme to the website. 








Twitter for snickers





Twix may not be as heavy on its Halloween marketing as our other choices, but we love the fun story for the 2013 advertising campaign. Have you chosen a side right Twix or left Twix? 



Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 4.11.21 PM resized 600


Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 4.11.47 PM resized 600



Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 4.12.45 PM resized 600


Screen Shot 2013 10 29 at 4.13.03 PM resized 600


Hopefully this blog has offered some fun, creative, and spooky treats for your business, as well as ideas to sweeten up your interent marketing strategy.  

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