A CEO’s Overview of How to Increase Website Conversion

September 18, 2013 / by Kathryn Redman

website cycleAs marketing and business consultants we have the privilege of meeting with a lot of businesses out there who are doing their best to keep up with the ever changing world of marketing. They recognize the importance of the internet and the fact that they need to increase website conversion to keep their sales funnel moving forward. With so much out there that feels new, where do you begin to make sure that your efforts really do increase website conversion and don’t just become a bunch of activities that make your marketing folks look busy, but don’t really make a difference?

Recently we met with a prospective client who has done a terrific job of starting to utilize a myriad of online tools, from doing some initial keyword research, redesigning their website, adding a blog, getting all of their company set up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and even setting up a YouTube channel. They have set up all the right tools for an online strategy, the only thing they are lacking is a strategy.

Keeping up the momentum

While that might sound strange to you, the fact is that this scenario is a common one. We sense somehow that we need to have all these tools, and have been told that putting new content out there is becoming a “must” if you plan to increase website conversion, but what we don’t know is how to put it all together so that there is a cohesive plan and strategy. You create the accounts, tell yourself you will be diligent about using them, but you are a busy person and since you don’t really understand how these tools help your business, pretty soon you’ve forgotten your login and password and haven’t posted anything in months. Sound familiar?

How inbound marketing fits into the strategy

Here at Half a Bubble Out we are fanatics about several things. One is that every piece of your marketing needs to contribute to telling your story. Another is that your marketing needs to work together in a clear and definable way. Then, of course, when it comes to online work, we are passionate about content marketing, or what is also called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is all about providing content that is valuable to those who are looking for it. Instead of interruptive marketing, it is marketing that is wanted and being searched for.

The great part of inbound marketing is that it helps us to build a clear strategy around the online tools that we use and our clients use. With your website being your “home base,” your social media tools become a place to publish your amazing content and drive people back to your website so that you can indeed increase website conversion. When people come to your website because they are looking for the information that you are providing, then they are automatically a more qualified lead.

Consumers are getting more informed

The truth is that if you are going to be successful in this new era of marketing and sales, you have to come to terms with the fact that consumers of your product have the opportunity to do copious amounts of research prior to ever engaging with you directly. If you don’t have a strategy to provide the online researcher with content they find valuable, you may never have the chance to actually talk with them. Latest stats say that consumers are 57% along the sales cycle before they ever consider talking with you.

Adjusting Your Mindset

If you are going to increase website conversion, I urge you to consider your strategy. Do you have one? Is it telling your story? Does it involve creating content that your potential customers will love? If you don’t know much about inbound marketing, read a few more of our blogs and start learning. It really is where marketing is going, and the sooner you become familiar, the sooner you can start adjusting your mindset.

Need more information? Read Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. It was published in 2006 so isn’t new, but it is an easy read and provides a great overview. Another great read is Sales Shift, by Frank Belzer. These two books will give you the big picture of how things could work together for your inbound strategy so that you can increase website conversion and know that your online work is effective.

Topics: Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing

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