HubSpot Launches 'Out of this World Tools' for Inbound Marketing

August 20, 2013 / by Vicky Zancanella

HubSpot LaunchWait for it....

Wait for it....

Wait for it....

Well that's what we have been doing for the last month here at the Bubble! We have been waiting and waiting; waiting to share with all of you the amazing new inbound marketing tools we have available with HubSpot.

For those of you who don't live in our "bubble" we have been working with HubSpot as a partner and implementing their Inbound Marketing Software since December 2012. We have been, and still are, excited about this partnership, learning a ton and watching the leads roll in, both for us and for our clients. It's been FUN to say the least!

So, what have we been waiting for then? 

In July we had a training webinar with HubSpot where they gave us a sneak peek at new HubSpot tools that will be available to HubSpot customers. But the hard part was that we had to zip our lips until the announcement was made at Inbound13-THE biggest inbound marketing conference of the year!

So sit back, buckle up, and hold on! We have Michael and Kathryn Redman reporting to us straight from Inbound13 with the inside scoop! The countdown to launch begins

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1      BLAST OFF!


New HubSpot Content Management System:

             ...actually a Content Optimization System

Forget having a system to just manage your website content, but imagine a system that will respond to visitors coming to your website and optimize the content they see to be relevant to their needs. Well, imagine no longer- it is not out of this world, but it is actually a tool we internet marketers can use to make our inbound strategy even stronger and more personal to our leads. For those of us who are marketing nerds, we get really excited!

We now have a content optimization system that, not only:

  • is "wicked fast" 
  • has Responsive Design (mobile optimized)
  • integrates across marketing channels
  • includes Author tags
  • has options for Smart CTAs
  • but also SMART CONTENT (say what?!)
  • and did I mention "wicked fast"

So you may have noticed smart content looks like it is shouting at you:)

Yes, that is intentional because we are a super excited about the options this gives our clients to be relevant to their website visitors, leads and customers. The ability to have smart content in the rich text on a website, so the content automatically change to meet the needs and answer the questions of individual visitors to a website is very cool and very smart marketing.

The fact that it is built into the new HubSpot COS (CMS) and we don't have to go learn a new software and hope it integrates with what we are currently using is even more exciting (to me at least:)

So, is your mind reeling?      Think of the possibilities!

Your website and blog can be optimized for specific experiences. If you have multiple services, the content can change based on a visitor's specific interest.

Your Homepage content changes for a lead who is doing research on your product and just wants more information vs. a lead who is seriously considering you as a vendor and needs a demo or sample. 

I have heard it said that your website is like an employee who is working for you 24/7, but with HubSpot's new COS, your website can be like 3 employee's working for you 24/7!! 


New HubSpot Reporting Tools:

We love HubSpot's Report tools already. Travis, our analytics extraordinaire, has found life 10 times easier using HubSpot's reports because everything he needs comes to him in one report, and he can customize the reports. But now he is even more excited! HubSpot's new reporting tools will allow us to customize reports based on segments of our audience. We will be able to customize reports by using any list or segment of our website visitor population. We will be able to track elements of a campaign to get a better view into what is happening on our website as well as our clients' sites.

New HubSpot Sales Tool: SIGNALS

This new Chrome based notification tool is going to feel like Christmas Morning to your sales team. Signals is able to connect to Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, Google Chrome, LinkedIn, and Salesforce to give your sales team split second notification on lead actions. When emails are opened or clicked, your sales team will get those notifications so they can better know when and how to engage with your leads.

If you are interested in using this tool with your sales team go to and try it free for 30 days! 

New HubSpot Social Inbox:

With so many social media marketing channels, it can be hard to keep up and stay focused. HubSpot's new tool, Social Inbox is one "hub" that integrates social media monitoring, publishing and reporting with your contact database in HubSpot. This helps us here at the Bubble to have a better view of the social activity of our leads as well as our clients leads. This not only gives us a nice view, it's easier to manage and that gives us more energy to respond and engage with our leads and build relationship. This tool will help us tune out the noise and focus on what really matters for our business and our clients. 


Half a Bubble Out is really excited about these new releases at Inbound13 and what we have in store for Inbound Marketing in this next HubSpot year!

Look for more posts and in-depth articles in the coming days and weeks!



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