Look Out, Google puts teeth in rules about link building services

July 26, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

Google Logo ImageIf you are working hard to grow your business using internet marketing, your website conversion, and link building traffic from Google, then listen up.  For a long time people have been looking for quick fixes to get a better ranking in Google through paid link building. People have also been trying to avoid doing the hard work to make interesting content.  Now Google has come up with one more way to enforce their main intent. 

Google's Intent

That intent is for the websites that rank high in the Google search engine to be useful to all of us.  They also need to actually be seen as usful to other people.  For a long time people have been paying for links from other websites to theirs instead of getting them naturally.  You see, Google looks at those links as recommendations and a paid recommendation isn't respected by most people.

In Google's newest change to its algorithm it is being very clear that these types of links and link building strategies will no longer be allowed.  So if your website ranks because of paid links then it will start to disappear from the first page. 


Read this blog by to get more details.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Topics: SEO, Link Building

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