Life’s Too Short to Always Be Working

July 8, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman

Stop and Smell the RosesToday’s blog isn’t about social media or search engine optimization or any form of Internet marketing. Today’s blog is just to remind you to stop and smell the roses every once in a while and give thanks for the people in your lives, and the blessings you have.  There will always be more work and there will always be too little time to get it done. Marketing seems to be one of those beasts that always wants to be fed and is never full.

Sometimes, you need to stop, walk away and pay attention to the things in life that are even more important. Because in life you rarely get a 2nd chance, and quite frankly, next to the people in our lives and the relationships we have, marketing really isn’t that important!

This week a dear friend of ours had tragedy touch her family’s life. It struck from nowhere and came with a phone call. There was no time to prepare, there was no time to brace for it and there were no clues to give our friends a heads up that tragedy was coming.

As I’m sitting here writing this blog I’m doing it as an act of honoring. The only thing I can do right now since I’m a writer is write, so I will write.  It seems so important this week to stop and take inventory of the good things in life. It’s so easy for me to focus on the things that are hard in life like the current business climate or not enough money in the bank account or even the disagreement we had with a loved one. Even though it sounds coy, during these times of tragedy and pain in our lives we really do need to remember the good things in life.

Look around you right now and see if there someone that you can encourage or tell them you appreciate them. Get up, go over and just take the time to show other people you care and appreciate them. In our hurried world of business and marketing we often times work on how we can be more effective, more efficient and even find every available moment to do that one more thing that can help us. These are all good things and tomorrow we will probably encourage you with tips and tricks of how to get more done in less time but today we suggest you stop and smell the roses.

It’s counterintuitive but sometimes you stop the Internet marketing, stop inbound marketing, close the computer down and rest. It actually does make you more effective when you are working hard and you won’t run the risk of going to bed some night wishing you’d spent more time with people you love.

And to our friend and her family, our prayers are with you.

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