Why Use Landing Pages and Other Commonly Asked Questions

May 11, 2013 / by Travis Martin

1.  What are Landing Pages?

Let’s start with the basics. A landing page is exactly what it sounds like and plays a significant role in your internet marketing strategy. It’s a page that is used as a landing spot for a viewer coming from a PPC Ad, inbound link or call-to-action directing a viewer to a specific URL. Landing pages are used to help increase the number of people that fill out the form on the page, also knowns as "leads," which then allows you to begin building relationships with them.

2.  What Should Landing Pages Look Like?

Landing pages should be the twin of its referring content. For example, if you have a PPC ad running for a bicycle store in town and you decide to put a picture of a red bicycle and content in your add about a 20% discount your offering then on your landing page you would want to carry the same “scent” of that PPC ad over to the landing page. In order to do this, simply use the exact same photo and text you used in your ad on your landing page. This will create a seamless transition visually and textually for the viewer to immediately find relevance from your ad to your site.  

3.  Do You Have Tips For Creating a Perfect Landing Page?

I’m glad you asked! You know what, I actually do. Take a look at this video by James Reynolds called “Create the Perfect Landing Page with These Tips.” Using these tips will help increase your website conversions and leads in no time.

4.  What Should I Not Use On a Landing Page?

There are a few elements of a website that are smart to have on a site but should be removed from a landing page. First, remove the menu option. This will decrease the chances of the viewer navigating away from your conversion page with the option of other pages to navigate to.

Second, don’t write a blog on your landing page. Keep your text short and sweet. Use the landing page to tell the viewer exactly what they will be receiving. Leave them hanging a little to entice them to fill out your form to receive more information.

5.  What Should My Form Look Like on My Landing Page?

The last thing that you should not use on a landing page is a form that has 50 million questions on it. Keep it simple. Depending on how much information you’re giving your viewer in your download or offer this can vary. If your viewer will be receiving a white paper then keep your form small and ask for a name, email and possibly a company name. When you start offering consulting or other services that require more information, this is when you can go for the longer forms. You goal is to not scare your viewers away with a huge form requesting personal information. To see a good example of this take a look at our client’s landing page offering a Free Phone Book Directory.


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6.  What If I Ignore Using Landing Pages?

There are some companies that aren’t using landing pages to bring in leads and they are still bringing in high amounts of traffic and customers. These sites are usually those that are well known to the public such as Amazon and Ebay. For a company of smaller size that is not a household name yet, landing pages are going to be gold for you.

Think of a landing page as a personal sales rep that works 24/7 receiving referrals from an ad campaign or outbound material. They are there to bring you the sale. Their job is to move your customer along in the sales process.

7.  What Should I Expect?

Use the techniques and tips we showed you in this blog and see what landing pages can do for your business. You might be surprised at the amount of conversions and prospects you can gain from a single landing page.

If you don’t see leads flowing in immediately don’t stress out. Check the parts of your internet marketing campaign that are driving traffic to your landing page and make sure they look like they could be in the same family. If I can’t tell that your PPC ad is directly relevant to your landing page content you have failed to create a successful landing page. So why use landing pages? To help guide your customers through the process finding you, liking you and hopefully hiring you!


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