Why is Social Media Important? Because Everyone’s Doing it!

May 9, 2013 / by Vicky Zancanella

Why is social media important

I am actually laughing at myself, because as a mom, when my daughter tells me she wants to do something because everyone’s doing it, I tend to raise my eyebrows and ask, “Really? Everyone?”  To which she sheepishly smiles and says, “Well, not everyone, but…”


…but here I am answering the question of why is social media important, with that same answer: “because everyone’s doing it.” And yes, you can raise your eyebrow at me, but just listen a minute to my reasoning on why social media is important.


First of all, human beings are social beings. No matter how introverted some of us may be, we need each other, and simply love to share with, learn from and spend time with others. Some of us even crave that attention and personal relationship. Others of us like to be in a busy coffee shop surrounded by conversation but be engrossed in our own thoughts, (a.k.a. my boss).  We have an innate drive to connect with each other, share our common interests and be in relationship. Social media has become an important way for us humans to do that and the amount of people engaged in social media is significant, and it’s growing!  Check out this video which addresses the question of why social media is important and worth engaging in:



Social media has become an important communication medium and whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay.  Social media is simply a type of technology and just as print, radio and TV became important mediums for advertisement, so will social media- really it already has! With the number of people engaged in social media becoming larger than the population of most countries, we are not looking at just a fad that will disappear soon. We are faced with a new frontier of possibilities for people and businesses alike.  

When discussing why social media is important, the aspect of “marketing reach” plays a big factor. If your business can reach people who were once out of reach, you have the opportunity to expand networking opportunities to people and places not available to you before, and it’s FREE! Every business has access to a new technology that is free, effective, and has a world-wide reach. So the question is now, “Why not engage in social media?”

Another reason why social media is important is because there is a personal interaction that is harder to do through other forms of media. When businesses and customers engage online, they are engaging not just with a business or company, but with real people!

Social media can be customized for you and your business. Social media is made up of different softwares and platforms. There are soooo many to choose from! Just check out this infographic to see why:


At first glance your brain might be screaming “Overwhelming!” and it almost makes you want to run away-- or you could take a closer look and say “Wow, I didn’t realize there are so many ways for people to connect and build relationships online.” And to think, anyone can join and start building relationships in these online communities!

Pick a platform that is right for your business or where your potential customers are hanging out. In other words, as a part of your business’s internet marketing strategy you need to identify which platforms are most beneficial for your business’ success. You should not try to do it all. Choose the platforms that will give you the most exposure to your target audience and spend your time and resources wisely.

Many companies who are focused on their goals and see the benefits, will choose to hire a company to manage their social media. Even if you are a small business owner, unless you like to spend time on social media and can manage it well, the time and energy you save by having a social media manager can be very beneficial. 

In the decision making process for your business, considering the question, why is social media important for your business, is crucial. Internet marketing will always have types of social media platforms that come and go, or change and adapt- and as a smart business owner you need to keep up with the flows and changes of the current or you may find yourself no longer on solid ground.

You may not want to hear it or spend the energy doing it, but here’s my advice:  Build a boat, get in and start paddling!  The terrain is changing and if you don’t figure out how to navigate it, your market may dry up, shift or sweep over you and leave you shutting your doors. Come on in, the water’s great!

Oh yeah, and by the way…. Everyone’s doing it:)


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