Internet Marketing Consultant Advice:11 Building Blocks to Get More Clients

January 24, 2013 / by Michael K. Redman


Internet Marketing Consultant lego blocksIf you're looking for an Internet Marketing Consultant to help guide you through the maze of internet marketing or you're just looking for good solid wisdom on using your website to get more clients, then congratulations, you are in the right place! This is the begining of a series that will look piece by piece at 11 building blocks for getting more clients. Today we will start by listing them for you and talking about a succesful campaign. 

This does work

If you are asking if this is worth your time then let me suggest that it is. We have been internet marketing consultants for years now. We have watched the industry grow and change and it is still changing. It used to be that you could choose not to market on the internet and it wouldn't affect your business but that is not true anymore.  Everyday small business leaders like you are earning new customers online, and everyday their competitors are losing customers, especially if they are not online. You decided to look for an internet marketing consultant and this blog can help you through the first steps to being succesful or more succesful online. So what will you learn?

What you will learn:

The 11 building blocks you must include to have a complete and profitable internet marketing strategy.

For years we have been helping small business leaders just like you make sense of this crazy internet world and how to really use it as a cost effective marketing tool for your small business. We all know that the internet is a growing part of our lives and how the world does business; but it's often difficult to manage your business and learn about something new, especially when it seems to always be changing like the internet is.

If you're one of those small business leaders that either;

  • Has not tried internet marketing yet, for whatever reason
  • You did try it but it didn't produce the results you wanted even after you tried it


then keep reading. 


You have to start with a plan

You have to plan your marketing and too many leaders aren't sure how to do that succesfully. Maybe you have been asking yourself questions like: What should I do? What shouldn't I do? Who do I listen to for help? How do I measure the results of what I do? And in the end how do I know if my results are good enough or not?

We know that you want these questions answered and so do we. To answer some of those questions and set yourself up to answer the rest there are two important parts to the equation that you need to consider. 

  1. The basic building blocks or parts of an internet campaign (This is the what of today's Blog)
  2. The strategy to make all the parts work together (This is the how)

If you don't have the first step in place, "The Parts," then no matter how brilliant your strategy is it will fall short of what is possible. If you have the parts, but no cohesive strategy, then you will still fall short. Both are needed so we will consider both briefly today. The following is a quick list of the 11 building blocks of an internet marketing campaign.

 The 11 Building Blocks

  1. Create a Website that makes it easy to find information
  2. Create a Blog on your website
  3. Research Keywords: These are the words and phrases people actually search for in Google
  4. Free Download: Offer something to your website visitors that they would find useful
  5. SEO (This is Search Engine Optimization): Structure your content so Google likes it
  6. Earn Links to your website: These are links from other sites and are called inbound links
  7. Use Social Media sites for your business: Using them for marketing is different then what your kids and grandkids do
  8. Develop Online PR: This is different than traditional PR in many ways but it still gets people talking about you
  9. Make Landing Pages: These are special web pages on your site that have an offer and help turn more visitors into leads
  10. Use Call to Actions on every page of your site: These help visitors get to your Landing Pages
  11. Create Email Marketing campaigns to nurture your leads into customers

 Internet Marketing Consultant_guide to Internet marketing

 That's it.  Makes perfect sense, right? Well if it does than you are way ahead of the game and you may be ready to have a deeper discussion so contact us and we would love to talk to you.

If you're like most leaders you are a busy person who had a full plate before you started thinking about internet marketing and it probably doesn't all quite make sense. That's okay, I promise it will when we are done with this series. But like we said before these building blocks are only half of the equation for a succesful internet marketing campaign. The other half is the strategy.


Strategy is an important part of what we will cover after we have gone over the 11 parts of a succesful internet marketing campaign. I will give you a little bit in each blog but ultimately strategy can be complex and will need its own set of blogs. There is a logic and an order to what you need to do to set up your campaign and how you will want to execute it and we will go over that.

I will say this briefly. Strategy involves your goals, your available time, your available budget, the conditions of the internet and your competition. It needs to involve the right parts of a campaign with the right execution. We have seen this over and over again in working with our clients. While each campaign is built on the same basic building blocks we have listed above, each campaign also looks and acts differently based on you and your company. Helping companies set those up is what we do for a living and we love it when the plan comes together because our customers get more clients and everyone wins.

Coming Up

Over the next 11 blogs we are going to elaborate on the first half of the equation, each of the key internet marketing components one step at a time. 

After you read this series of blogs you will be able to:

  • List the 11 most important parts of an internet marketing campaign just like an internet marketing consultant
  • Define to your staff what each part is
  • Describe what function each part plays towards your goal to get more clients
  • Give statistics on how important these parts are in getting more clients
  • Answer the question: Why are these 11 building blocks important to a succesful internet marketing campaign and how do they make me more money?

If you're ready to learn more subscribe to our blog and follow along. We want to help you and be your internet marketing consultant on the web as long as you find it helpful. As a friend of mine says, "It's not help unless it's perceived as help."


Your thoughts today

What do you think the essential parts of an internet marketing campaign are? Do you think we missed anything? Give us your professional thoughts.

Thanks and have a great day.

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