The pain and beauty of death

November 30, 2008 / by Michael K. Redman

Death is an important part of life but it is also one of the worst things of life.  We must go through deaths in our lives to see new things.  Death in bad habits, death of things that hold us down and the death of our selves.  We mourn the passing of a hero, the passing of a job and the passing of a friend or loved one.  One of the things that I hate in passing is when I have to give back a set of keys.  It has happened when I moved, when I ever changed jobs and when I have sold cars.  Giving back keys always makes me sad.

I think that death is also something we try to avoid.  We don't like to talk about it and we do our best to shield ourselves from it.  I think that many other cultures embrace the grieving process.  They feel their grief from the bottom of their souls and it takes them over.  They express every piece and then when the grieving is over they go on.  The death, the loss, is now a part of their story, their life.   It is a part of their story but it is no longer the entire story.

Death is a pain like no other but it is also a beauty because with every death comes something new.

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