13 potential chapters or The key parts to making the business work

January 26, 2009 / by Michael K. Redman


I've been thinking recently about the main points my clients all need to know.  This last week I had one client contact me and tell me that they are shutting their entrprenurial venture down because it will cost them too much.  They are two Moms that had an idea and didn't realize the cost.  They invented a cool thing for parents and their kids and even spent several thousands of dollars having it developed in China but didn't realize what it would take to go to market. 

I had another client drop by the office and ask how we could help them in these tough times.  They are a national company and this client is the VP of Marketing and Sales who has lots of sales experiance and not much marketing experience.  They need to increase sales but are shooting from the hip.  I told them they need a plan, a strategy.  He comes from the school that says, 'When I have time to plan I will."  After a long conversation I told him that he doesn't have time not to plan. 

In both of these cases key steps where missed in the business process that would have saved time and money.  Over the next few weeks or months I want to write on some of these topics.  Who knows, maybe this is the outline or chapters of the book I have been looking to write.

The Thirteen chapters are:

  1. Don't do what we did

  2. Weigh the costs before you start

  3. All business is Marketing and Numbers

  4. Business and Wealth have Rules.  Obey the rule and you might survive, master the rules and you might thrive

  5. The Message Document-  Preparing the ground before the foundation

  6. The Map- Business Plans are the foundation but you need a Sherpa.

  7. Benefits vs. Features - Don't get them backwards

  8. Find and Expert - You need help so get good help and remember you get what you pay for.

  9. 10,000 hours or maybe 1500

  10. The Marketing Light House Effect

  11. The Relationship Map

  12. SEO - Knowledge is more precious than gold

  13. Anyone can Succeed

There may be more but I think I'll start with this.  See you soon.

Topics: small business, Business Development, Traditional Marketing

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