The Bible Believes in Profit and Can Help Your Business

April 26, 2009 / by Michael K. Redman

faith-blocksFaith is a huge part of many people's lives and it is an integral part of business and I'm not just talking about "Hoping" business goes well.  So, here comes my confession, I'm a Christian and I believe that God and the Bible are Pro Business and Pro Us.  I also believe the Bible is full of instruction for business and success.  So if you want to know the connection between business, profit and God read on.  If you don't then ignore this blog entry and just go on to the other entries on business but realize that if you get any benefit from them then you are benefiting from Gods wisdom in scripture and in life. 

There are many ways to make a profit and earn an income and God talked about them in the Bible.  Some of the pieces of truth about business are in plain sight and some are hidden in the Bible.  I'm not saying they are like codes but they are not laid out in scripture in a linear fashion.  If you search for them they will be found over time but like anything in business, it takes hard work. 

The principles in scripture I have seen that are helpful to me and my business are:

  • All business is about serving people's needs
  • If you have a service or product others need you don't hide it, you tell people
  • Labor not Toil
  • Strive to Rest
  • True Rest comes from God
  • Vision is really important
  • Do what you are made for
  • Giving is a key to success
  • Success is where Profit, Purpose and Contribution cross
  • Diversification is important
  • Since the spirit of God lives in me I have access to the creativity of God
  • Wealth is a result of wisdom
  • Perseverance is a core trait
  • God wants us to make money so much he commands us to do it
  • And many, many more...

If you learn the truth of business in the Bible and put it into action you will have the best chance of anyone else on the planet to succeed in business, but there will always be one thing missing.  There will always be something missing because a successful business and all that it brings is not the goal.  The "Goal" of success in business is to be:

  • Evidence of the truth of God - If you do what God says is good and it is good then that proves he's correct.
  • Used to meet your needs
  • Used to help the poor
  • Used to extend the reaches of goodness
  • An example of how people can thrive
  • Used to help other

And ultimately it is meant to be evidence of God and how much he loves us.  God is in a good mood; he loves us and wants us to live out our destiny.  Do you want to enjoy your business to the fullest?  Then I suggest you learn from God and the Bible about everything he says on the topic of success.

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