Divine Business

August 29, 2009 / by Michael K. Redman

The Divine Business model is made up of three parts:

  1. The ultimate goal for all of us is to have work that feeds us physically, mentally and spiritually.
  2. Our work should let us contribute to our community and meet our needs by either using our gifts, talents and skills or doing things that help us grow in those areas.
  3. The ultimate Business success is both profitable and fulfilling by employing people that primarily work in the areas of their gifts, talents and skills.

The premises behind the Divine Business Model are:

  • God created us
  • God created work
  • There are two kinds of work labor and toil
  • Labor is good
  • Toil is Bad
  • God gave each one of us a unique set of talents and gifts that ultimately complement each other.
  • We have the opportunity to develop skills that work with our gifts and talents.
  • Business is an honor that lets us meet our own needs by meeting someone else's needs.
  • Labor is work that lets us contribute to our community and gives us satisfaction.

In the Divine Business model we would all be doing those things that we are gifted and talented at as well as things that complement and build up those natural abilities.

What would life be like if we all had an opportunity to have a job that let us use our gifts talents and skills to make a living and contribute to our community.

This seems to me like the Divine Business.

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