Smoking 680 Cigarettes at once

May 17, 2010 / by Michael K. Redman

That’s right, we built a machine that would smoke 680 cigarettes at once.  Why?  Well two reasons.  We did it for one of our clients, First Five of Butte County, as a part of a PSA (Public Service Announcement) campaign (see other videos) and let’s face it, we thought it would be cool, really cool! (If you don’t already know it Half a Bubble Out is a Unique International Marketing and Advertising company in Northern California.) The main goal of the campaign is to educate people on the effects of second hand smoke.  We have really tried to create commercials that stand out from all the other commercials and just get people to pay attention.  We went with the facts and humor angle.  “Smoking 680 Cigarettes at Once” is our favorite so far.  Our clients loved it and all our friends just laugh and look at us with that look in their eye that just seems to say, “one more reason you are Half a Bubble Out.” It was crazy, a little out of control and really fun. So here it is and you decide what YOU think.

WARNING: It’s really gross and some people actually cough when they see the smoke but that’s what it’s supposed to do.  Breathe deep, press play and enjoy…

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Well, what did you think?  Crazy, isn’t it?  Have you ever seen anything like it?  We had only one chance to shoot this commercial and even though we built a prototype machine and tested it with a few cigarettes we had no idea what would really happen.  We just believed that it would serve our client well and would be fun.  Everyone should have fun at work, don’t you think?

If you liked this video we would love for you to share it with any and all of your friends and if you didn’t we’re sorry we subjected you to our insanity.

By the way, my friends that have seen the raw footage want me to post it so next week I’m going to. You’ll get to see how it happened in real time and get some of the story.  We would love it if you signed up for the RSS feed or the email list.  We will let you know when the new video is up.

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