The power of the 45 minute testimonial

July 20, 2012 / by Michael K. Redman

I’m going to start subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday paper and I don’t ever read the newspaper, any newspaper!

The Power of Testimonial
The Power of Testimonials for Your Business

When I’ve subscribed to the newspaper before, any newspaper, it eventually ends up going from the driveway to the recycle pile in our house within a week or two. It drives my wife crazy! Like I said, I don’t read the newspaper. I’m more like a subscriber than a reader. It’s not even that I have anything against newspapers in general, except they are super duper expensive to advertise in for what you usually get. The worst paper in the Country to advertise in is “The” paper in Indianapolis. They are the most expensive I have ever seen, but I digress.

One of the main reasons I don’t read the newspaper is that I don’t think they are very relevant for the time I have to invest in reading especially when I’m a slow reader. I read a lot but I have to be careful how I invest my reading time. So why, you might ask, would I start taking the Chronicle newspaper after you know all this about me? We’ll I just got my haircut by Christine, who has cut my hair once a month since 1997 and she just gave me a 45 minute testimonial about the SF Chronicle. She told me about how great it was and gave me lots of examples. She told me about how it has changed from the way it used to be and it is inspiring to her. Yes you read that correctly, she said it is inspiring to her! Since when was a newspaper inspiring?...

She told me that the photography is amazing in the print version, which infers to me that the quality of printing is really good. She told me it was instructive. It’s instructive towards innovation. It’s instructive towards California pride. It is instructive towards how we should live more upright honest lives and not focus on the crap. This doesn’t sound like any paper I’ve ever read. She had my attention.

It was even focusing on real people like the mayor of Oakland. Who evidently is a normal middle class lady that has a Hispanic background and went to Berkeley. Sounds normal to me. Christine also told me that the story highlighted that she was a normal looking woman which means she is not a cover girl model nor does she want to be. She is perfect just the way she is and Christine got all of this from the Sunday Edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

These were just the highlights of my 30 minute haircut and my 45 minute testimonial. She was so excited and talked so fast that today, there was no dialogue like there usually is. Rather there was one 45 minute monologue.

So now I am going to subscribe to the San Francisco Chronicle… even though I don’t read the newspaper. Go figure. I wonder if the pictures will make any difference?

Does your company have testimonials like that about what you’re doing? Do you want to know how to create that kind of marketing and maybe get some help and encouragement doing it? Then Half a Bubble Out is your place and we are your people. Give us a call so we can help your company tell your story better.

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