A Look Back at 2014 Celebrations in Our Small Business

December 25, 2014 / by Kathryn Redman

I just finished watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” with that handsome Jimmy Stewart and the lovely Donna Reed. Best Christmas movie ever! I know, “Elf” fans might take exception, but we are talking 1947 so some respect is definitely due this old classic. It is Christmas tradition for my family because I love the reminders about recognizing and celebrating in life the things that really matter.

I get the privilege today to reflect on 2014 and look at the places where indeed “It’s a Wonderful Life” here at the Bubble. So while we are running a small business and in business there are always huge wins and hard losses along the way, this is about a simple celebration of what is truly worth celebrating as we reflect and wrap up 2014.


Here is my list of 2014 celebrations

  • I celebrate that we are still here and growing. I think we can officially say we survived the economic storm of the 2008-2012 recession and are moving forward with optimism.
  • I celebrate the team we get to work with every day.
  • I celebrate the clients we have, both older clients and those new to us in 2014, and how much fun it is to help them grow their businesses.
  • I celebrate that we have the privilege of calling our employees, clients and vendors friends.
  • I celebrate the fact that most of the work we get to do is relational in nature, not transactional. It’s just way more fulfilling to care about people and not only profits.
  • I celebrate working with my husband, no matter how many times we get asked “how do you do that?”
  • I celebrate the fact that we have an office dog who everyone loves. Who gets to do that?
  • I celebrate every Monday morning meeting to launch the week and get on track together.
  • I celebrate every Friday “wrap” to end the week and laugh and reflect on the wins and challenges of each week.
  • I celebrate the growth I am seeing in the skills of our team as we work together, learn together, take on new projects and clients together, and commit to doing excellent work for our clients, together.
  • I celebrate the opportunities for former employees to move on and thrive in their new towns and jobs, even when that feels like a big loss for us.
  • I celebrate the doors that are opening for new employees to join the team in 2015.
  • I celebrate the kindness of our clients in times when all has not gone perfectly, and for letting us correct the ship and move forward.
  • I celebrate the goodness of God top to bottom in our business. His favor and kindness have been seen so many times in 2014.

Bottom line, 2014 was a great year for us here at Half a Bubble Out. We have some amazing clients, and the wins are made bigger because of the relationships we have, while the losses and challenges are minimized because of the relationships we have.

I can’t believe we are nearly in 2015, but after twelve years in business I can say more than ever that we are looking forward to great things in the coming months.

From Our Small Business to Yours, Merry Christmas!

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