3 Words to Guide Your Small Business and YOU in 2015

December 26, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

small_business_compassThe end of the year brings with it top 10 lists, reflections and resolutions. After the busyness of the holiday season, which is also my favorite time of year, I enjoy taking a step back, a deep breath, and thinking about what I learned in the previous year and what my goals are for the next. Notice how I said goals, not resolutions. I’ve come to believe that resolutions are so often broken they have negative connotation and aren’t worthy making, but setting personal goals or goal within your small business, are something you can keep attaining, even when you fall behind.

I was recently inspired by a blog post written by Chris Brogan. At the beginning of each year Chris selects three words to focus on for the year. Here’s his criteria:

Think About Your Three Words

For reference, here are some of my past examples. You want words that will guide you in the choices you intend to make, that remind you of the commitments you’ve set for yourself and others. They are meant to be useful in more than one situation. 

The goal is to use these three words as a way to encompass your intentions for the coming year, and to build strength around them. Simply saying a few words like “focus” and “balance” usually doesn’t cut it. People all need to focus. (No one needs balance.) They have to mean something more to you. 

In 2014, my words were “Lifestyle, Monchu, and Black.” Lifestyle meant that I wanted my life to be a lot better all the way around, that I was willing to consider all my choices as something more than passing fancy. Monchu means that I intend to support the community I have the pleasure to serve. Black was simply a prod to keep my financial game in better shape. 

So I want to encourage YOU to select 3 words to be your compass in 2015. I’m actually going to select 3 words to focus on at work and 3 words to focus on at home. We’re supposed to wait to reveal the words on Jan. 1 but I can’t wait! I’m going to reveal mine to you right now.

My 3 Words to Focus on at Work:


When you work at small business like Half a Bubble Out, you not only have a lot to accomplish, but want to accomplish it all. It’s easy to get distracted about what you should be focusing on. But by prioritizing and being present in the situation I can give my full attention to whatever the task at hand is. I might be in a meeting, writing a blog, or interviewing a client. Whatever it is, that one task is going to get my full attention.


If I can think and plan ahead, that will help me actually give tasks my full attention. For example, planning blog topics out ahead of time will help me be able to more easily focus my attention when I sit down to write. Part of this will also be analyzing to see what’s working and what’s not so that when I plan ahead, I plan well.



This seems simple: ask a question, ask for directions, ask for help. I so often set high expectations for myself that I try to do everything all by myself. But, we’re a Passion & Provision Company here at Half a Bubble Out, and that means thriving in a culture where people are both willing to give help and willing to receive it.

My 3 Words to Focus on at Home:


I’ve come to realize social media – Facebook in particular – has become a disruptive part of my life and I need to unplug at least once a day. Facebook has its place. I get most of my news there and I appreciate the insight I have into people’s lives that I normally wouldn’t, whether it be an acquaintance or close friend. However, it’s time to unplug. So my goal is to unplug for an hour after I wake up in the morning and an hour before I go to bed.



I have a bad habit of leaving projects unfinished because I try to do too much at once. I have good intentions, but they turn ugly because I don’t quite finish things. So whether it’s putting the laundry away immediately after I fold it instead of letting it sit on the couch all afternoon, or actually organizing all of the photos on my extended hard drive I started creating folders for 2 years ago, I’m going to start finishing projects. I may actually have more time to do this too, because I’ll be unplugged from social media!


I want my home to be a warm, safe, comfortable place for people to come to. To me, that means keeping it being clean, uncluttered, and open to whoever may stop by and say hello. In this category, I want to be consistent with keeping my home this way, try new recipes, and actually start some of the home improvement projects my husband and I often talk about. Oh, and finish them!

So there are my 3 words…well 6 actually! I encourage you to think about your small business and choose 3 words of your own to be your compass in 2015. Share them with us in the comments section below!

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