3 Ways Video Testimonials Attract Customers to a Successful Small Business

November 21, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

videographerAs a successful small business owner or manager we are sure that you understand just how important reputation in the marketplace is. A huge part of your business's success depends on how you treat your customers and the experience that you give them. Having video testimonials on your website will help to attract more customers and build your reputation.

Online reviews of your business can easily sway someone who is considering using your services or buying products from you. However, most people that look at reviews now realize that there are always going to be some people who have nothing nice to say. While you can’t really control what people write about you on reviews, you can counter act that with testimonials on your website.

Not just any type of testimonials but video testimonials. Video testimonials make it more real and believable as opposed to text that anyone could have written. Having positive video testimonials will help to showcase your business in a positive light, establish trust with your potential customers, attract them to visit your business and improve your reputation as a whole. 

Let this stat soak in for a minute: 78% of people say they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from acquaintances.

Needless to say, reviews and video testimonials are important for a successful small business when it comes to the marketing strategy for your company. Here are some reasons why.

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1) The Emotional Connection

When I see plain-text testimonials on a website with no name or picture attached, I’m a little skeptical. That type of testimonial can appear to be coming from the business being recommended, and it’s hard to judge how honest they are. 

The beauty of video testimonials is that not only do they show you who the review is coming from, but give you an emotional connection with the person’s story. You hear the facts, but you can also see the authenticity and emotion in the person’s face. This emotional connection opens the door for trust, which is vital to a great business-to-customer relationship.

2) The Power of Trust

Word-of-mouth marketing is a very effective tool that has become even more important with the rise of social media. When devoted customers agree to film video testimonials, you should share them not only on your website, but across your social media presence. Consumers are more likely to trust people they have a relationship with – so what more powerful sales tool can you have than real people vouching for you and your business in front of your network and their own friends and connections on social media?

Quality video testimonials bypass the skepticism and immediately build trust, even with someone who has never heard of your business before. They can play a major role in establishing brand credibility, and compared to questionable plain-text testimonials, videos can establish a valuable connection with your consumers. Pair this with the fact that 100 million people watch videos online each day, and it’s no wonder that businesses are seeing such positive results from their video testimonials.

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In order to get the best results we suggest hiring a professional marketing agency that can assist you in creating a professional testimonial video for your website. If it’s not done well, that can also harm your reputation!

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