3 Ways to Attract Leads Online Right Now With Inbound Marketing

November 10, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

fishing to attract leads onlineThe all-telling question that many business owners have is how to attract leads online to their website. There are over 1 billion websites out there, with thousands being added daily; how are you going to get those potential leads to visit yours? That’s quite the competition there. Well, there’s a strategy that you can start implementing today to help bring more leads to your website, in turn, resulting in more customers and financial gain for your business and a happier workplace, also known as a Passion and Provision company

Inbound marketing is the best way to start attracting more people to your website and gain leads online. Inbound marketing helps you attract leads online through various tools and strategies.


An inbound marketing strategy relies heavily on blogging. Blogs are not just things that teenagers read to catch up on celeb gossip and beauty tips. While they often have this stereotype they really do encompass so much more when it comes to blogging for business.

Blogging helps to attract your potential leads to your website. Think of these blogs as the bait on the end of a fishing pole. If you throw out a line without a worm at the end, you’re going to be sitting there for quite some time waiting for a bite, not to mention your line isn’t looking too appealing to any of the fish watching it bob in the water. Add a worm to the end and your line suddenly is very appealing and you keep feeling nibbles and even catch a fish. Game changer, right!?

This is what blogging is like. Blogs are the worms at the end of your line. They draw your leads in and bring them to your website. 


Search engine optimization helps your blogs get found. Using certain keywords in your blog that you created with your inbound marketing strategy will help them appear more frequently and higher in search engines, such as Google. Using strategically targeted keywords will help you receive more qualified leads to your website.

Social Media 

Another way to attract leads online is by utilizing social media. Social media marketing is something that is often overlooked by business owners because many don’t see the value in using networks such as Facebook or Twitter to bring in leads.

Social media is where you can start attracting leads very quickly. Instead of waiting for them to find you through a search engine, YOU can take the reins and reach out to them. At the same time you are creating relationships and engaging with your customers, which helps you be a more likable, personable business. It’s a win-win. 

If you want to start attracting more leads online, inbound marketing is the strategy you should implement for your business. Don’t wait! This is something that will completely change your business for the better. 

Half a Bubble Out is a passion and provision company that helps small businesses in the Northern California area become successful. We serve businesses in the Chico, Redding and Sacramento areas. It’s time for you to implement an inbound marketing strategy that will help make your business successful!

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