Why Blog? Aren't They Just for Reading?

September 11, 2014 / by Paige Gilbert

You never know when you’re going to get the chance to answer a question about internet marketing. The other day I was picking up a prescription at my local pharmacy. Living where I do, it’s no surprise that I knew the pharmacist from a few different circles I’m in, so naturally we had a short catch-up conversation. You know, “how old is your son now? How’s the family?" Yada. Yada. As she was ringing me up she asked, “So are you still working? What is it again that you do?” I told her yes I am, and I read, write, and edit a lot of content, mainly blogs. Her next question was: “Why blog? What’s the point of blogs anyway? I mean I read them, but otherwise, who cares?”


There was a line of people waiting, so all I had time to say was that blogs do indeed have a purpose otherwise I wouldn’t have a job! But, if I had more time, this is what I would have answered her questions.

Why blog?

Blogging can help grow your business. It’s an important part of any internet marketing strategy to help you get found online by the customers you want. It can set you up as a thought leader in your industry because you are providing helpful information that people are searching for.

What’s the point of blogs?

Blogs provide information. They can be educational, entertaining, or hopefully both! You can blog about anything: from food and fashion to plumbing and phone systems. Whatever industry you are in you can blog about it. The point is that you are writing about information people are searching for. How do you know what they’re searching for? Just think about your current customers and the common questions they ask you. Then answer in the form of a blog article. There are a lot of other technical purposes that blogs have, but we’ll keep this high level.


Who cares?

My friend the pharmacist admitted she reads blogs. You probably read blogs too. Why are you reading them? Because you want to find out something. Blogs are kind of like the first introduction to you and your business. Let’s say you own a second hand store and someone is searching for ways to save money. If you are blogging about the different ways that people can save money second hand shopping, and they find your blog article, read it, download your coupon and bring it into the store, then you’ve just gotten yourself a warm lead and hopefully a customer!


Internet marketing uses online tools to create marketing that is helpful. It’s start with a blogging strategy. Blogging is a learned skill, but anyone can do it once they learn the purpose and best practices involved. Even you!

I hope this helps give a little bit of insight to the question, why blog? If you’d like to learn more about the pieces and parts of internet marketing and how they all work together, download the free offer below or contact us!

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