TED Talks That Will Inspire & Help You To Think Outside The Box

August 18, 2014 / by Raquel Royers

Have you ever watched a TED talk? If not, you’re probably now asking, “What in the heck is a TED talk?" TED is a non profit that is devoted to spreading information and knowledge through powerful talks that are usually 18 minutes or less.

think outside the box

The talks can range from a gamut of topics including technology, entertainment, design, marketing, inspirational, etc. As a business owner or entrepreneur, listening to TED talks is a great way to learn about new ideas, think outside the box and be inspired. 

Since Half a Bubble Out is a passion and provision company we wanted to offer up some TED videos that we think are interesting, inspiring and helpful. We know you may not be able to watch all of these in one day because let’s face it, time is precious. But watching one a day is definitely doable. Plus, we bet you’ll get hooked after one and will want to come back to watch more!

15 Phenomenal TED Talks You Need to Watch Today

Posted by Ginny Soskey, HubSpot

Steven Johnson: “Where Good Ideas Come From” 

According to Johnson, creativity is a state of mind, so our main question is: "How do you get your brain into environments...where innovation happens?" It's not as hard as you think. Check out how to harness your "Eureka!" moments into something sustainable from Johnson below.


Derek Sivers: "Weird, or Just Different?"

There are two sides to every coin -- something that you find weird may be enticing to someone else. For example, foods like whipped cream, flan, and Good & Plenty's give me the creeps ... but they might be someone else's favorite foods in the world. Sivers reminds us of how our preconceived notions of what is normal or weird can shape how we think, an important reminder for all of us creating content for an international audience.


Arianna Huffington: “How to Succeed? Get More Sleep”

In many companies today, people get bragging rights for staying up 'til all hours of the night, slaving over projects...but in reality, you could be much more successful if you got the right amount of shut-eye. Not to say that level of dedication isn't needed at times, but it shouldn't be the norm for us every day. In the video below, Huffington gives us some quick advice for being more successful at our jobs and happier with our lives through one small change.


Shawn Achor: “The Happy Secret to Better Work”

It's the old chicken or the egg conundrum: Does productive work make you happier, or does being happy make you more productive? Historically, our society believes the former...but it doesn't always work out that way in reality. Achor argues on behalf of the latter -- and his take on this conundrum may help you be happier at work.


Simon Sinek: “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

Being a great leader isn't always easy, but breaking down why leaders are great is. It all starts with one simple question: "Why?" Using examples like Apple and Martin Luther King, Sinek breaks down exactly what makes a great leader, and how you can become one yourself. Whether you're an entry-level marketer or a C-suite executive, this talk will inspire you.

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Which video was your favorite or which one did you find most helpful/inspiring?

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